Monday, March 2, 2009

DAY 41



snaggletoothie said...

You're right that Obama and the Democrats have declared war on achirvement. But I don't think Obama is bothered by achievement per se. I think that would be less bothersome than his actual motivation. He is someone who has achieved a lot. But he doesn't care one way oe the other about whether others can or do achieve anything unless it affects him. But he has tied his own succwss to the Democrat party. And the Democrat party is based on nonachievers' jeasously of the achievement of others. The Democrats buy the votes of nonproducing, dependent peoply with money taken from producers. So Obama has, in a sense, made a deal with the devil to buy his own success by tearing down the success and achievements of others. And, unhappily, this is Day 41 of that self-centered nihilistic assault.

Joe said...

snaggletoothie: You got it!

Always Right said...

Great blog Joe, thanks for the support. Don't stop we need people like to to fight the Liberal lies and the kool aide drinkers slop