Friday, March 6, 2009

DAY 45

This video is being played around the blogosphere. I recommend it to you.

I do not recommend this video to you to promote insurrection, unless that be necessary, but to help you understand the frustration I, and other conservatives, have with ignoring the Constitution in favor of some personal agenda.

Ignoring the Constitution is like the head referee of an NFL game ignoring the rulebook...or changing it in the middle of a play, only much more serious.

Yet President BO, having sworn to defend and protect it, has already begun to ignore it on this the 45th day of his War on Achievement.

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Chris M. said...

The anonymous patriot doesn't think it is yet time for revolution and he seems to recognize that that time may never come. Sometimes when I consider what's going on I realize that some people might come to the point where they see no other viable course. I dread that day.
There is one factor that makes it appear nearly inevitable. That is the total lack of communication between the two extreme camps. We have come to such a point that the two sides have almost nothing in common: when that is the case it becomes like two men trying to communicate and solve common problems who know not a word of each other's language: they will probably end up yelling louder and louder at each other.
There is no reason to believe that Barack Obama will do anything to improve the situation. During the campaign he used a lot of rhetoric about nonpartisan and post-partisan. But that was just a tactic to make McCain look more unreasonable and to appeal to moderates and some stupid conservatives who judged him by what he said rather than by what he did. You can see what he actually believes by the behavior of his surrogates. Their approach was attack, attack, attack, vilify, vilify, vilify and lie, lie lie. Look at what they tried to do to Sarah Palin and what they are now trying to do to Rush and Bobby Jindal. That is what Obama believes in and it is accelerating the divisions in America. Obama realizes he has some power and he is going to try to squeeze every last bit of partisan advantage out of it. But that will only increase the chance of a total break. And Obama does not seem to mind harming America if doing so gives him just a sliver more power.
I'm probably not telling you anything new. But I felt a need to write about it.

Joe said...

Chris M: Thank you for coming by and leaving your comment.

I think you have given a good interpretation as to what is going on with President BO and his minions.

I think my next post will be something along the lines of "How Can We Better Communicate and To What End?"

Chris M. said...

I put together a post with a lot of links to jazz at There'seven some jazz on ukele and on wash board bass.