Sunday, March 8, 2009


I am not one to keep harking back to the Ronald Reagan "era."

However, he had a virtue that almost nobody in today's Republican Party has: the power to persuade people.

Ronald Reagan was known as the great communicator. When he spoke, he spoke with confidence and authority, not parroting anybody else.

Today's Republican Party leadership in made up of several types: milk toasts - seeming not to really believe what they are saying; copycats - regurgitating what someone else is saying; Antis - just being against everything; duhs - not seeming to even get what's going on; cooperates - willing to fall for anything the Democrats have to say; the fearful - afraid to take up the fight for fear of being seen as contentious; and the brazenly/proudly stupid.

In general, the American people are even worse, believing everything any Democrat says, even if it is an evident, blatant lie.

Where, oh where in the republican Party can we find someone who has the gift of persuasion?

He/she does not have to persuade everybody, just enough of his/her own Party and a gaggle of honest Democrats who can see that this country is moving, throttle wide open, down the wrong track...the track to ruin and destruction.

Are there no orators in our Party?

On this 47th day of President BO's War on Achievement, are there no Constitutionalists in the Democrat Party?

Are the no politicians left who understand what freedom is and how much it takes to preserve it?

Do they not understand the Declaration of Independence, which announced our intention to break away from government rule?

Our government was not created to rule the citizens, telling them what they can and cannot do, or say or where they can go.

It was created to unite us, to make sure we are treated justly by the government, to lead us to peacefulness, to protect us, to encourage us, to make sure that we and our progeny enjoy the blessings of liberty.

Is there one Republican leader who understands the part about "liberty?"

Or any Democrats, for that matter?

Where do we find the one who can inspire us...lift us to new heights of personal responsibility...get the government off our us up to be all we can be?

Are we a free people?

Not on your life.

We used to be.

But with every passing day, and today like a runaway freight train, the government is usurping our freedoms like there is no tomorrow.

Soon there won't be.


Chris M. said...

I have a true story from my days as a nurse that defines leadership. I worked with an Egyptian man named Nabil. We worked in a state mental hospital where most of the patients suffered from profoundly debilitating mental disorders. Not much could be expected from these patients because of their advanced conditions. Usually the most that could be hoped for was that they not harm themselves or others. And a great deal of the staff's job was to be there to stop the harming behavior before it went too far.
Nabil was a very kind and caring man. He had a special way about him, He would say to disruptive or dangerous patients, "You know better than that." He didn't say it in a lecturing or demeaming way. He said it with warmth and true confidence that the patient did have some sense and ability to make good choices in spite of everything. I never saw this approach to patients from Nabil have anything but amazing and calming results. Nabil saw more potential in our patients than anyone else who worked there and they always proved him right. (I might add that he was a Christian who was very proud to be a Christian and who lived his beliefs.) I don't think I've ever known anyone with more leadership ability than Nabil.
I think the ability to communicate and speak to the best in people in the mass media setting is trickier. That just doesn't come naturally to many people. And I've gotten the impression from reading biography and history that the leadership abilities of some of our greatest leaders was often compensation to make up for real abnormalities in their childhoods, e. g., Barack Obama's father abandoned him as did his mother to some degree and this seems to have created a coldly calculating manipulative operator.
Reagan was a once in a lifetime gift from God to the Republican party and the nonCommunist world. And the Republican party is full of men who are making every cent they can out of it and lack the ability to lead.
Yesterday Pam Geller from Atlas Shrugs interviewed a black Republican running for congress in Florida who looked great. He a paratrooper officer who is intelligent and informed and excited about conservatism. There might be some really great leaders among the returning troops: men who have real experience as leaders. Something will turn up.

Joe said...

Chris: I sincerely hope you are right.

Chris M. said...

From Luke 13, "18.Then said he, Unto what is the kingdom of God like? and whereunto shall I resemble it?
19.It is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and cast into his garden; and it grew, and waxed a great tree; and the fowls of the air lodged in the branches of it.

Tapline said...

Joe, The older I get the more curious I become. Where are the watchdogs of freedom. How about the ACLU. They certainly are right there when the Nation is threatened by Christian beliefs. What about freedom and the constitution which they keep spouting????? I was informed that a church in, I believe Michigan or one of the mid-western states was ramsacked during a service The subject was the Meaning of Marriage, or something to that effect. This was not covered in the MSM....Nothing....The last couple of days the TV news has reported Islam being taught in our schools. Where is the outrage??????I hear none.....Where is the ACLU??????? crickets churping..It seems we only care about Christianity being taught or mentioned in our schools...A very sad time in our history.........stay well....

SmedRock said...

Quote a source please, Tap. Rumors are just that. That way if you have proof, any lawyer would jump on that.

But in the post, the Constitution left the building with the signing of the Patriot Act.