Saturday, January 16, 2010


As you know, back when the President had his snitch email program up and running, I snitched on myself many times daily.

One of the results of this peculiar behavior on my part was that I was involuntarily enrolled in "Organizing for America," the propaganda arm of this vile administration.

It is an interesting source of information about how the presently powerful spin and twirl events in our society.

Today I got the following email from OFA.

Joe --

Each day, millions of Americans turn to talk radio as a trusted source of news and opinions on the big issues of the day.

Getting thousands of OFA supporters to call in to these shows in support of health reform and President Obama's agenda will have a dramatic impact -- and will help shape public opinion.

But we need you to make it happen. Along with thousands of other active volunteers like you, you'll help identify which radio shows talk about politics and accept calls.

Please take just three minutes and answer three simple questions about a radio show in your area. Together, you'll build a massive, nationwide list in no time...

Mitch Stewart
DirectorOrganizing for America

Well newsflash!

I am not going to "help them build their list," as I suspect they have a motive other than just letting peoples' voices be heard.

It is my strong suspicion that they intend to engage in what Rush Limbaugh refers to as "Seminar callers."

Seminar callers are plants. They have been schooled in what questions to ask to try to get the talk show host to respond in a certain way, to slip up or to change his/her mind on a subject, usually having to do with current legislation.

It is patently dishonest to stack the deck like that, but if President BO and his cohorts have no scruples about doing it at the polls, why should we expect otherwise of them with regard to talk radio?

I'm sure there are some of you who think this is a perfectly proper way to behave.

Well, this is (temporarily) still America and you have the right to be wrong.

And you are.

Why are you so afraid of allowing talk show hosts to be who they are?

Take "Air America," the network that was beset by a raft of off-air problems almost from its inception: a charity-loan scandal, contract disputes with affiliates and employees, continual changes in ownership and management, and a 2006 bankruptcy. Please.

All Air America has to do to crush the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity is to garner more listeners than they have.

Only people aren't listening to Air America in droves.

Why is that?

Turns out that the stupidity espoused by Air America is seen through by the majority of Americans and they just don't like the constant stream of same.

Americans are smart. They listen to smart radio shows. Why, even smart liberals listen to Rush Limbaugh a lot. They must. They frequently call to try to trip him up. Usually they just end up like most mindless liberals and just start calling him names...that's really all they know how to do.

So, I will not be helping the Obama administration with it's attempt to use conservative talk radio to further its health care debacle.

I hope you don't either.


Tom said...

Oh come on, Joe!! Surely you should join just to get your grins and giggles just to see the levels that these people will stoop to silence opposing voices. Then you can post their tactics, and then we can go off and use the same tactics on what few Leftist radio programs there are. You can be a double agent, and our hero!!

Fredd said...

Yeah, I agree with Tom, Joe: try and get that talking points list and post it!

Now that you are our 'double agent' with the OFA, we can use your info gained through your 'nefarious' mole activities to get the upper hand on this liberal dirty trick of deck-stacking.

Tapline said...

Joe, I like that. become a double agent and let us know what they're up to. My siste is on some kind of list from the RNC and get info about issues and she answers as a Democrat that she is.....stay well...

Bryan said...

Yeah, a double agent with all kinds of cool spy gadgets!

Joe said...

Tom: Surely you jest. (No, I don't jest, and don't call me shirley)

Fredd: Thanks for the visit and the suggestion. This is so exciting! I've never been a double agent before.

Wait a minute...aren't they the guys who always get killed in the end?

Tapline: We'll pray that your sister will see the light.

Bryan: Can I petition the Obama administration for all of those cool spy gadgets?

Tom said...

Joe, the only double-agents that get killed are the bad guys. You're one of the good guys!

Mark said...

Air America failed because the majority of Liberals don't care about anything important. They are only concerned with music and entertainment.

Look at the popularity of TV programs of celebrity gossip, (un)reality shows, magazines such as US, People, and the hundreds of Hollywood gossip magazines. Does anyone really think what Jennifer Aniston had for breakfast or where Ben Affleck goes to shop for groceries is important?

Well, you and I don't, but these gossip rags and programs are making millions more in profit than Air America, which explains why Air America is pretty nigh defunct.

There is nothing for Conservative talk radio to worry about. The Liberals, for the most part, won't respond to the calls to blitz talk radio with their inanity. They are much too apathetic.

BTW, In case you stopped visiting my place, I posted another entry today. Just letting you know, for what it's worth.

Joe said...

TOM: Whew! I'm glad I have nothing to worry about.

Mark: It ought to be worth something...I'll be right over.

ablur said...

This is laughable at best. These people couldn't hold up to a conservative and the basic questions that need answers.
I can only see this as a system for backfiring and causing possible fence sitters to realize how dumb an idea this really is.

Keep us informed of further scams by our heartless leader.

Janie Lynn said...

I have a bit of a different response. The OFA website is slick and well produced and I can see how someone could think they are "part of something bigger" by joining. If they are a liberal, that is. But to me I see a bunch of people being turned into an army of zombie-Obama-drones, out there to do his bidding. I know all politicians "politic" but this just seems more underhanded and dishonest.