Friday, January 29, 2010




Leticia said...

He just throws our money around like it's confetti. Everything that came out of his mouth was one lie after another.

He may be a good speaker but that's about all he knows how to do. He has ignored the people of this nation and with this sorry-excuse for a speech just brought in bright and clear.

selahV said...

Joe, I believe Michael Gerson summed up the scolding all of America endured in that speech:
"...the speech raises concerns about Obama's capacity to be a unifying national leader. An effective leader usually shares the passions and purposes of his countrymen. Rhetorically, Obama attempts to stand above the political process, above his own party, even above the country. He seems isolated in the tower of his own wisdom and purity. He judges. He lectures. We must strive to be worthy of him, not he of us."

It's not about "him"? It's all our fault. Every last one of us. Shame on us. selahV

ablur said...

I am in agreement with much of the video. I do stand in contrast to the videos point on Iraq, but that can be debated another time.

We have a nation that has been over taken by a superior ruling class that is about to get their butts kicked from office and we can thank BO for awaking Americans and turning this nation around. As for his desires and leadings, I think you clearly know what he can do with them.

Joe said...

Leticia: Confetti...I like that.

selahV: He is a divider who thinks division is unifying.

ablur: I did not agree with every point made in the video, but I thought it caught the tone of President BO's address very well, exposing it for what it was: a slimy mess.

ablur said...

Hey I had a thought....

Perhaps the correct name for the president this year should be


I thought you would get at least a grin out of this.

Joe said...

ablur: Indid I deed!