Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Responding to the prodding of Tapline, who does not post as often as he used to, or as often as I'd like him to, I looked into an interesting Executive Order, written by President Reagan and quietly amended by President BO.

The International Criminal Police Organization, known as Interpol, the world’s largest international police organization, with 188 member countries.

Created in 1923, it facilitates cross-border police co-operation, and supports and assists all organizations, authorities and services whose mission is to prevent or combat international crime.

The United States' involvement with Interpol was defined by a Reagan era document known as Executive Order 12425.

President BO has signed the following Executive Order amending the original Order:

For Immediate Release
December 17, 2009
Executive Order -- Amending Executive Order 12425


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 1 of the International Organizations Immunities Act (22 U.S.C. 288), and in order to extend the appropriate privileges, exemptions, and immunities to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), it is hereby ordered that Executive Order 12425 of June 16, 1983, as amended, is further amended by deleting from the first sentence the words "except those provided by Section 2(c), Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, and Section 6 of that Act" and the semicolon that immediately precedes them. BARACK OBAMA THE WHITE HOUSE, December 16, 2009.

These changes - "immune from search," "archives...inviolable" - seem to clearly place Interpol above the reach of American law and immune from the reach of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), Congressional oversight and media inquiry.

Since Interpol performs various investigative duties including those related to the International Criminal Court, the changes in 12425 seem to clear the way as a first step to placing the United States under the jurisdiction of the ICC [as noted by Threats Watch] allowing Interpol to, without restriction, conduct investigations of U.S. citizens, organizations, etc.

According to the White House, this amendment was simply a "house keeping" detail correcting an alleged "error" in the original document, an error that went unnoticed by four administrations.

The MainStream Media has largely ignored this E.O., except for ABC's, Jake Tapper, who repeatedly ask for, but was refused, an explanation of the need for this amendment.

After many requests, Tapper was given the "house keeping" explanation.

But it is not "house keeping." It is an insidious, back door way of insuring that Interpol's authority in the United States supersedes that of American law.

Does that bother you at all?

It should.

Cooperating in world affairs is one thing.

Taking steps to mitigate our nation's sovereignty is quite another.

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Janie Lynn said...

People don't understand what it means to allow ourselves to be sucked into a Global governing body with more power than our own, we give up rights to Interpol, what's next?

My beautiful but liberal daughter fresh out of college looked at me one day and said "what would be wrong with a world government? A world community?"

Makes me sad because I think a lot of young people don't understand how hard how country fought to gain our independence.

Joe said...

Janie Lynn: You are is sad. Your beautiful but liberal daughter will not understand what liberty is about until she loses hers. Then it will require another battle to regain freedom, if the people decide they want it again.

Lone Ranger said...

An international police agency is diplomatically exempt from the laws that our own police have to follow. There isn't a cop-hating liberal in the country who can explain that one.

Ducky's here said...

Blue helmets coming to grab your guns, any day now.

Leticia said...

Absolutely it bothers me and it should bother and scare every single American.

Reading Janie's comments I feel our youth have lost their way.

Joe said...

LR: Making excuses they're good at. Reasonable explanations not so much. For example: what were those two fighter jets that escorted that airliner back to Oregon because of an unruly passenger supposed to do?

Ducky: Problem...I don't have any guns.

Leticia: Not all of them are lost, but more than enough.

Teresa said...

This is very bothersome to me. I fear BO's intentions are of a nefarious nature. I son't trust Obama one iota.

Tapline said...

Joe, excellent post....I am still a might confused as to why this was done.....It seems no one has the answer and the administration has not answered the quire...Beck had a smiggeon on this last night, but no sigment....stay well....

Ducky's here said...

Joe, Interpol has a lot of communication between police forces and they may be a little reticent to be in America if it means that information about their sources were open to the public.

Now, Interpol in New York was instrumental in breaking up a very large child porn ring recently. Why are you supporting child pornography by resisting this executive order?

Teresa said...

Ducky's here,
If Interpol has had alot of communication with police forces in the past and prior to this particular Executive Order being changed and there was a pornography ring busted recently, why would the President need to change this particular Executive Order? For, Interpol to have recently busted a pornography ring, they must have been gathering intelligence and been watching the criminals prior to Obama changing the Eecutive Order so your accusations are illogical, unfounded, and indignant.

Joe said...

LR: Not one.

Ducky: Yep. That's me. A little old child hating child pornography supporter.

You cannot be using actual brain cells to come to this conclusion. You have to be just trying to stir up trouble.

You should go to work for the Democrats, since you have such a great affinity for ugly, dishonest spin.

Teresa: Excellent point.

Susannah said...

This guy wants to be king of the world. Heaven help us.

Janielynn~ Please, please have your daughter watch Braveheart first - to show her how desperately hard the Scots fought for their independence from the English - how desperate people who have never governed themselves are to do so. (That's the problem. We've never known ourselves unoppressed by foreign gov't.)

THEN, have her watch The Patriot. It was the SAME people (who had been exiled to the 'new world' by the Crown) - albeit several generations later - who STILL craved freedom, were willing to do ANYTHING to have it, & FINALLY found a way to achieve what they had never known.

Tell her THAT's who we come from. THAT's what it meant to them - everything. We have NO concept of life w/o freedom. We live in a society that is basically fair, safe & willing to give each 'man' his day in court. We don't know any other way, & therefore cannot conceive that people can, will & DO oppress each other for power's sake - at the slightest opportunity.

If that doesn't wake her, then start speaking of Hitler, 3rd Reich, etc. Talk about Darfur, Bosnia, China, North Korea... Do we REALLY want tyrants like these to have ANY say at ALL in our lives??? Does she want to be forced to wear a burka?? Really?

Duck~ See the above. Follow instructions (if you dare), rinse, repeat.