Thursday, January 28, 2010


Did you see it?

Were you titillated?

Did you see evidence that President BO has learned his lessons from recent elections?

Did you catch his boyish countenance? Did you catch his childish responses?

Here are some highlights from the hall:

My favorite: On live TV, Justice Samuel Alito mouthed the words "not true" when President Barack Obama criticized the Supreme Court's campaign finance decision.

I also liked Janet Napolitano seeming to fall asleep during the speech.

Harry Reid could not contain a really big yawn during the speech.

Neither could I.

There were a few other things that caught my attention:

President BO said "we import more oil today than ever before." That’s untrue. Imports peaked in 2005 and are substantially lower today. TRY THIS CHART

He said the high cost of health care "causes a bankruptcy in America every 30 seconds." That’s at least double the true figure. THE ACTUAL HARVARD STUDY

President BO iterated: "I believe the nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it."

Pardon me, but the automobile was invented (according to the Library of Congress) in Germany.

Another OOPS!: "In the midst of civil war, we laid railroad tracks from one coast to another that spurred commerce and industry."

Hmmm. Actually construction on the railroad didn’t begin until after the Civil War.

Obama said that "there are 57 police officers who are still on the streets of Minneapolis tonight because this plan prevented the layoffs their department was about to make."

Truth: Mayor R.T. Rybak's 57-cop figure is hypothetical. No layoffs were actually proposed.

Then there was this assertion by President BO: "This plan will save or create 3.5 million jobs. More than 90 percent of these jobs will be in the private sector, jobs rebuilding our roads and bridges, constructing wind turbines and solar panels, laying broadband and expanding mass transit."

Look, it is absolutely, positively impossible to know anything at all about "saved" jobs. Among economists, there is limited data, and even less agreement about what the available data actually mean.

Obama said about health care: "Teddy Roosevelt first called for reform."

Actually, Harry Truman was the first sitting president to call for national health insurance, in 1948, although TR did propose a system of social insurance.

Obama: "When it was days old, this Congress passed a law to provide and protect health insurance for 11 million American children whose parents work full time."

Mary Kahn, spokeswoman at the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services, said: “The CHIP program is targeted primarily to children of low-income working families. But there is no requirement that the families be working full time or part time..."

President BO continues to believe either: (1) that if he says something it is true simply because he said it; (2) actual facts don't really matter, because people (like me) are too stupid to know the difference; or (3) his current agenda is what those who voted for him thought he was going to implement, therefore it must be right.

He should now stand before us and say, "My name is Barack Obama, and I am NOT smarter than a fifth grader."


selahV said...

There really ought to be a law against presidents who lie to America.

Erick Erickson has a great post on how he says one thing and does another with lobbyists. Obama's solution to avoid lobbyists is to employ all of them.

Joe said...

selahV: A law...yes. Only that would have eliminated all of our presidents since JQA.

selahV said...

I know. but wouldn't it be nice to be able to give them three strikes and they are out?

thanks for popping in on my site. you honor me.

I wrote my own State of the Union message at selahvtoday :)

Timmy Jimmy said...

I agree. He is not smarter than a 5th grader. The only thing he has on a 5th grader is being able to read off a teleprompter. :)

Leticia said...

I had also heard that he required a teleprompter to communicate with 6th graders!

He is a LIAR and is incapable of pointing the blame to himself but was quick to point the finger at everyone else. Apparently nothing is his fault.

He infuriates me.

ablur said...

Has anyone clocked the lies or half truths per minute? Every time I go over the speech I find another collection.
I think the ignorance in DC is starting to become more and more apparent.
Thanks for coming by and commenting on my reaction to all the BS we were served.

Leticia said...

Once a liar always a liar. He has absolutely disregarded the American people. It's his country and he will do what he wants with it. That's the attitude that I witnessed.

Can we somehow find a way to impeach this guy?

Joe said...

ablur: "I think the ignorance in DC is starting to become more and more apparent."

That may be the most profound statement of the decade!

I'm bound to use it as the theme of a near future post.

Z said...

EXCELLENT post, I wish we had an honest media and they'd get this info out.
Michael Medved's just skewered him on the incorrect comment about the Supreme Court and international monies into our campaigns....

I don't know where America goes from here; a lying president (but he lied about his knowing Bill Ayers right from the start...America learned the truth, only half of us cared for that truth...and the other half voted him in anyway, so...), a media which covers for him...

And it's amusing to see the media ignore the fact that a president would slam our Supreme Court as they're drawing attention from that and focusing more on Alito than the most undignified thing a President's done in

Wouldn't you THINK Americans would hear the media skewer Alito and ask "WHY did he say that to Obama?"

Apparently not.

LASunsett said...

When I was in the Army many years ago, we had a female soldier in my unit that was a pathological liar. She would lie, when the truth would have served just as well. I never really understood it too much, but one I did understand was no one wanted to be around her. So, when we would see her from a distance or hear her voice nearby, we did everything possible to avoid her.

Now.... insert Obama in place of the WAC and the rest will follow suit. This is why I did not watch the SOTU last evening, and why I rarely care about anything he has to say.

Bryan said...

Hi Leticia,

HotAirPundit did a post on the teleprompter, they are saying it was for the press and not the 6th graders. You can check it out here.

Joe said...

Leticia: He exhibits all of the signs of classic despots.

Z: Instead of asking why Alito would say such a thing, MSM is intent on focusing on what they call the "inappropriateness" of him saying anything at all.

LASunset: I'm honored by your visit.

The pathology of his lying is serious, indeed.

Joe said...

Timmy Jimmy: I know some homeschooled 5th graders who can read without the haltiness that President BO exhibits.

Joe said...

Bryan: You are quite right that the teleprompters were not used in the classrooms, but in the press conference in the school. I'm not sure what difference it makes, he still needs the prompters to stay on message.

Think about it...why does he need prompters to answer questions? He's a Harvard graduate. I had to do every one of my college speeches without notes of any kind. Doesn't he know the answers already?

If he does not, who types the answers into the teleprompters for him?

Can't he put together a sentence on the fly?

Lone Ranger said...

Let's not forget that he said he would work to lift "don't ask don't tell," because people had a right to serve their country.

Serving in the military is a lot of things. It is an honor. It is a sacrifice. It is a privilege. But there is no way it is a right.

Joe said...

LR: Everything the left wants you to do they make a right so that you will think your are entitled to it.

Dan said...

napolitano was praying to her god and prez.

Joe said...

Dan: I knew she was up to something.

Susannah said...

I did not watch. I cannot stand to hear his voice for more than 10 seconds, I don't believe a word this man says, ever.

David Wyatt said...

Bro. Joe,

As another good Joe, Rep. Wilson from SC, once said about him, now Judge Alito has said albeit in more refined terms!