Wednesday, January 20, 2010


President BO promised us hope and change.

Inadvertently, he has delivered on that promise as Republican Scott Brown has won the senate seat vacated by Democrat the late Ted Kennedy, giving us hope that we can change the future of that demonic health care legislation.

President BO was instrumental in providing this particular change by having gone to Massachusetts and making weird, unrelated remarks while attempting to prop up the efforts of Democrat, Martha Coakley.

He told us he was there to support Martha, even though he knew very little about Brown, other than that he drove a Government Motors truck.

Why would he think not knowing his (Martha's) opponent would help Coakley win?

When he was campaigning, President BO presented a confident and certain visage almost all of the time.

Lately, he has seemed harsh, grim and sullen. His eyes have lost their spark and he looks very burdened, as well he should.

I really think he believes that whatever sophomoric philosophies he has brought with him from his liberal university days would just be welcomed with opened arms, regardless of how anti-liberty they might be.

It is time for him to wake up, to begin doing some presidential work, to feel the pulse of the citizens and to find out what the United States of America is really all about down in the trenches where real people live.

Let's hope this Massachusetts experience helps to get the job done.


Mark said...

"Let's hope this Massachusetts experience helps to get the job done."

It might not.

It aint over yet.

Joe said...

Mark: Yeah. They are slicker than Bill Clinton ever thought of being.

shoprat said...

It's a start but no guarantee.

Joe said...

shoprat: Right. No guarantee. But every trip of 10,000,750 miles starts with the first step. Without it, you'll never get there.

We don't need to be polyanish about this, but a little joy is in order.

Anonymous said...
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Leticia said...

I found it funny that Obama thought with just his "presence" would move the voters and it did just the opposite! I am thrilled with this victory. We the people won the battle, now for the war.

Dan said...

I'm with Mark. Even if Brown is seated, the Republicans have to keep their own RINO's in check. One wonders if there is not a mole in there somewhere waiting to see if it is going to be necessary to fall on his political sword to give Obama is feather.

SelahV said...

funny that it's Obama's own party that is saying no to his health-care reform, huh? :)

Tapline said...

We will see where he falls on his votes.....He wants universal Health Care...Sooooooooo We will see.....stay well.....

Joe said...

Leticia: I am still waiting to hear from that lady who's skin color, neighborhood, size and educational class shall remain undisclosed exclaimed, "We bin pur but we ain't gonna be no mo...we got Obama!" I wonder whether she can see the lack of luster on him now.

Dan: Brown is just one step. Now we must remain vigilent and vocal.

SelahV: Several are distancing themselves from President BO as fast as they can.

Tapline: Brown's major plus is that he is not Coakley.