Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is really, really serious, folks.

Do we want our uniqueness as a nation to disappear?


Tapline said...

Joe, I thought I was commenting on this post when I posted on the one below...Sorry about that......stay well.....

Chris M. said...

This is more reason for people to keep a closer eye on the US government. Last week British PM Brown said that we only have fifty days to save the planet from global warming. But he was just trying to build momentum for this crazy internationalist treaty.
There is some good news. All of the nations involved have not yet been able to agree on the final treaty.
So there will probably be no treaty signing at the Copenhagen conference. But the UN is trying to keep things going toward the big international government solution where there is no problem. They just might become more stealthy.
I would not be surprised if part of the problem is not Lord Monkton alerting alerting people about the dangers that may come from that Copenhagen conference and more attention is being paid.
Other good news is that nine EU countries are opposed to the wealth redistribution that is the basic principle of the treaty.
I hope most of the people who read your blog will be paying close attention so that this raving foolishness doesn't become law.

Tom said...

With Barry O on the world apology tour & wanting to play nice with the world's despots, dictators & other assorted scum, it really isn't surprising considering our Socialist-leaning elected government.

Have this video posted over at my blog with a few comments.

Joe said...

Tapline: Gotcha! I found the appropriate comment. Thanks.

Chris M: Part of the problem is that the majority of people are not keeping a closer eye on the government, but are just "enjoying the rewards of citizenship" at the expense of the taxpayer.

Tom: What these "nice guys" don't realize is that in most situations when you are nice to the bad guy, the bad guy takes all you have and then smashes you like a roach.

Dan said...
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Dan said...

Let me try that again:

Joe have you seen this
challenge from Moncton to Algore?

Susannah said...

I posted this too, Joe, in 2 parts (I think you commented on one or both parts). I've had some interesting comments, too, Tom.

A friend of mine's husband helped tamp down the fear (part II) of what BHO could do to us by signing such a treaty. However, as Chris said, we MUST keep a closer eye on what our G'ment is doing (behind closed doors & under the cover of darkness).

David Wyatt said...

Susannah said, "... as Chris said, we MUST keep a closer eye on what our G'ment is doing (behind closed doors & under the cover of darkness)." Right. It seems that this is the modus operandi of this administration.

Joe said...

Susannah & David Wyat: If this government could not conduct its business behind closed doors, it would not be able to be as corrupt as it is.