Thursday, October 15, 2009


There is a picture of Democrat leader Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who says she wants Rush Limbaugh banned from NFL.

Ah! Now there's a lady who screams "racist" every chance she gets, who says she has "worked hard" to correct the evils of the America of the past that prevented Blacks from having the freedoms they deserved.

There is a lady who claims to personify the hope and change offered by President BO.

But liberty is only for those who think like she does.

Liberty is for poor Blacks, but not for successful Americans.

See, I don't care whether Rush Limbaugh owns a football team or not. It just isn't important to me.

If RL has the money and the desire to own a team, and can find someone willing to sell one, then he should be able to own one.

That would be in a free country. (The most often used phrase to justify a liberal being able to do or say what he/she wants, when he/she wants, how he/she wants about whatever he/she wants is: "It's a free country"...a freedom not extended to Christians, by the way).

But what most of you liberals are too ignorant to see is that your political actions have eroded Liberty in America to such an extent that one day you will wake up and find that you no longer have the freedoms you once thought you deserved.

Then you will whine and whimper, cowering in the bunker you call home pining for the good old days when you actually enjoyed the freedoms your forefathers fought so hard for.

Why can't you wake up and see that Liberty and Justice are two of the precepts that make the Untied States of America the greatest country in the world (the United Nations' mindless evaluations notwithstanding)?

If we don't get back to the values that we have historically held that this is a republic that functions in unity of purpose, seeking to provide freedom for its citizens and justice for everyone withing its borders, we will lose what we have worked so hard to obtain.

Conservatives and freedom loving liberals (are there any left?), it is time to take a stand for Liberty, lest you squander what little of it we have left.

ADDENDUM: Rush Limbaugh has been dropped from a group seeking to buy the St. Louis Rams. Liberty looses again.


Lone Ranger said...

Actually, this is good for Rush. He now has suffered damages in the millions of dollars. So, he can file lawsuits against anyone and any news organizations that have spread the lies about him. I hope he does so. The haters need to know that their lies have consequences.

Joe said...

LR: Lies have consequences? Has anyone told President BO?

Chris M. said...

I find what Rep. Lee says very disturbing because she is attempting to apply a political test to allow or disallow participation in basic social and business activities. I see no difference between this and the old practice of banning everyone who was not a member of the state approved church from holding political office or exercise of the franchise.

Joe said...

Chris M: You are so correct. Most of her ilk would have been happy to have served under and paid taxes to Britain in 1773.

Listen To Me said...

My Dear Conservative friends who are SO quick to defend you Liberal friend Shaw Kenawe.
I would like you to read the following from HER blog:

“I may not agree with everything that Beck says , but I don't agree that any group of people have the right to "shut him down" for his thoughts. I'm sick of people saying that if you don't agree with the president, you're "right wing Nazi,"”

Shaw Kenawe said... In reply to my comment.
Your outrage is quite misplaced on this blog. I don't "laud" Olbermann, Sharpton, or Shultz or Rev. Wright.

You have said nothing of interest to report to anyone but only repeat your tired, empty rhetoric of being a victim because the Republicans lost the last election, and it's really quite tiresome.

It is appalling that you're so desperately wrong about what you've written, but even more unforgivable is that you're also insufferably boring when you do so.

Joe said...

LTM: Uhh...was there some part of your comment that was germain to the post I wrote, or were you just here to spew out some random opinion?

Have I ever defend(ed) Shaw Kenawe here? I don't remember it, if I did.

I agree with you that people who have a forum to use to express their opinions should not be shut down (for example: Glenn Beck).

The appropriate way to handle them is to get a radio program of your own, go up against them, garner a bigger audience than they have and beat them in the arena of ideas.

Phrases that many liberals use, such as, "you're so lame," and "your stupidity is dangerous," or "you're boring" are not ideas, they are just disparagement, and I simply ingnore them.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Her tolerance is so touching.

Susannah said...

You're free to speak as you long as your wishes are in line with my agenda...if not, you will be punished into submission.

Wait a minute, that sounds more like tyranny than liberty, Ms. Lee...I think that some might equate tyranny with political 'slavery.' How does it feel to be promoting slavery, Ms. Lee?

(the irony here just gets more & more - well, ironic)