Monday, October 12, 2009


In a speech in Iowa, in December of 2007, Barack Obama stated, "I Wrote A Tough Nuclear Bill...the only nuclear legislation that I’ve passed."

Actually, the bill was rejected because it was seen by the Illinois legislature as pandering to Exelon, a corporation which operates the largest nuclear fleet in the nation and the third largest fleet in the world.

At issue was the concern of citizens about unreported low-level radioactive leaks at nuclear plants. On the other side was Exelon, the largest nuclear plant operator in the nation and one of the largest campaign contributors to Obama.

Why do you suppose Obama felt it necessary to claim to have written and passed a bill that he did help write but that did not pass?

During his campaign for president, Barack Obama claimed, "...I am tough on terrorism."

So, did he or did he not miss the vote on terrorism that took place in the Senate in September of 2007?

Answer: He did, indeed, miss the vote.

In November, 2007, did Senator Obama introduce a Senate resolution that said that President Bush did not have authority to use military force against Iran?

Answer: Yes

Was Barack Obama good friends with co-founder of Electronic Intifada, Ali Abunimah, who supports the destruction of Israel?

Answer: Yes.

Given those facts, how can Barack Obama claim to be tough on terrorism?

When questioned about his connection to TreeHouse Foods, Inc., Obama claimed no connection with them.

In fact, his wife, Michelle, received almost a quarter-million dollars from them. That may be no sin, but why lie about it?

When challenged, Barack Obama stated that TreeHouse Foods, Inc. was just a small company and of little significance.

TreeHouse Foods, Inc., whose roots trace back to Keebler elves, supplies Wal-Mart with soups, salad dressings, non-dairy creamer and marinated sauces. A number of the items are sold under the Bentonville, Arkansas-based chain’s Great Value brand.

According to THIS Bloombert report, TreeHouse, Inc. will reach $2 billion in sales in a consolidating private-label food industry.

President BO has shown a consistent tendency to avoid the truth about a number of issues, without any apparent reason to do so.

The only explanation for this behavior that I can think of is: He is a liberal who believes that he must say certain things to make himself look good, believes that when he says something it becomes true, even if it isn't true, and is, in fact, a pathological liar.

And he is our President.................


Tom said...

He's a liar and a scoundrel...
perfect qualifications for a politician.

Joe said...

Tom: Would that it were not so.

You have to admit, though, that when it comes to being a liar and a scoundrel, President BO ranks right up there with the best of them.

ablur said...

I was wondering what brought our Acting President and Vise President together. (BO is our acting president because he spends more time on stage performing and speaking then doing his duty as president.)

It seems that the two of them can't help but lie and tell tales. Biden has been know to tell real whoppers. BO is starting to get the hang of it. Joe is obviously coaching him to be a top performer in this.

Mark said...

He is not MY president. He does not represent me or the values I hold. I did not vote for him.

Dan said...

Your totally missing it Joe. You are listening to his actual words, you must stop such an exercise in futility and instead listen to how he says them. I'm certain that that will clear this whole thing up.

Joe said...

ablur: We always count on old Joe being there when we don't need him.

Mark: I know how you feel. Saddly, he is THE President. Hopefully it is only a temporary setback.

Dan: I don't know how I went so wrong! In the future I will try to listen to what he means, rather than what he says, although I am as frightened of THAT as I am of what he says.