Tuesday, October 27, 2009


President BO came to our town today.

Well, technically it wasn't our town, it was about 30 miles from here, a little country town called Arcadia.

Arcadia is known for its farming, ranching and really great rodeos.

Now it is also known for its first-of-a-kind photo-voltaic solar array.

The president came to...to...well, I'm not really sure what he came to do, but whatever it was, he did it.

For one thing, he gave a speech. In it he said, "and now, for the very first time, a large-scale solar power plant -- the largest of its kind in the entire nation -- will deliver electricity produced by the sun to the citizens of the Sunshine State."

Sounds cool, doesn't it?

There in those hallowed fields of Southwest Florida were some 90,000 photo-voltaic cells, dutifully following the sun across the sky.

Ninety thousand cells!

And those 90,000 cells will generate enough electricity to power 3,000 homes.

That's 90,000 cells for 3,000 homes.

How much does one cell cost?

You can buy one for about $100.00.

Then you have to install it.

The closest figure I could come up with is about $150.00-200.00 each installed.

So, 90,000 times $200.00 equals about $18 million dollars for the entire deal.

Divide $18 million by 3,000 homes and you get about $6,000.00 per home, installed.

And on cloudy days...........

In his speech, the President also made note of the fact that "This plant will produce enough power to serve the entire city of Arcadia. Its construction was a boost to your local economy, creating nearly 400 jobs in this area."

I guess it slipped his mind that those jobs no longer exist and that it will take only about four workers to maintain this great solar array.

With his usual aplomb, he went on to say, "over the next three decades, the clean energy from this plant will save 575,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which is the equivalent of removing more than 4,500 cars from the road each year for the life of the project. Think about that, 45,000 [sic] cars from the road each year for the life of the project."

That wasn't a typo. First he said 4,500 cars, then 45,000.

I guess the teleprompter has a little trouble with figures.

"...it's time to make the same kind of investment in the way our energy travels -- to build a clean energy superhighway..." said he, talking about what the government needs to do next.

Did you catch the euphanism? "Investment" equals "taxes." Here they come!

President BO told us all about "smart meters" being in every house in the nation. "Smart meters will allow you to actually monitor how much energy your family is using by the month, by the week, by the day, or even by the hour."

He said these meters can be monitored, "...allowing you to conserve electricity during times when prices are highest, like hot summer days."

That's right, when you need the A/C the most, you'll be able (read: forced) to turn it up. President BO doesn't want you to get too comfortable.

What do you suppose might be the consequences for those whose "smart meters" don't give the government the readings they're looking for?

Something else President BO accomplished while he was in Arcadia.

The streets were lined with both supporters and protesters.

Naturally, there were clashes.

The protesters carried posters opposing ObamaCare, Cap and Trade and a myriad of other presidential offenses, while the supporters proclaimed what a "wonderful president" Obama is.

When things got heated, guess which group started throwing around all kinds of nasty aspersions on the other.

The videos don't lie.

The least civilized group, far and away, were those who identified themselves as:


Is anyone surprised?

If anyone just feels the need, you can read the text of the speech HERE.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

The President came to town for one thing only -- a photo opp. Anything to keep him from having to make an informed and courageous decision about Afghanistan.

Joe said...

PCC: Yep. His remarks were so stilted and predictable! The Afghanistan thing is really becoming a JimmyCarteresque escapade.

Lone Ranger said...

I hope he gets back to Washington in time for the weekly party. And date night. And Sunday golfing. And basketball with the guys.

We need someone to steer our ship of state. But, what we have is a cruise director.

Hey, that was pretty good. I'll have to remember that.

Fistful Of Donuts said...

Joe, I pick up on a thread of sarcasm here. It's as though you don't support the President and didn't glory in his visit and his speech.

So, clearly you're a hateful, closed-minded, ignorant racist who doesn't really understand how wonderful the President is, and who clearly hates minorities and women and gays and sick people and poor people and kittens.

And since I agree with you, I must be, too. ;)

Joe said...

Fistful: "So, clearly you're a hateful, closed-minded, ignorant racist who doesn't really understand how wonderful the President is."

That's me!

Thanks for the visit.

Joe said...

LR: That WAS pretty good. I'll probably steal it from you. (Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)

Right Is Right said...

Great blog Joe..just a note to let you know that I'm back, and raising hell as always... LOL.

selahvtoday said...

I wish I had a pair of ruby-red slippers. I'd click my heels and be in 2012. selahV

Dan said...

"The president came to...to...well, I'm not really sure what he came to do, but whatever it was, he did it."

He came to do what he always does, campaign. The real question is for what, leader of the world? He might could win that election you know.

Joe said...

selahvtoday: Good to hear from you! 2012 can't come too soon.

Dan: I'm not too sure about the world. There are quite a number of world leaders making fun of him right now. Hopefully the number will grow.

SelahV said...

Hi Joe, I read ya even if I don't comment. :) sometimes I can't say anything; you say it all and then some. I'm just hoping the good folk from the August Town-hall meetings get out in New Jersey, NY and Virginia and turn those places upside down. The wool has been lifted. selahV

Tapline said...

Joe, I heard something about this before,It just doesn't stop....Isn't there someone out there with the wherewithall to do what is necessary to stop this insanity?????I am really getting tired and writers cramp to no avail....stay well ...

Joe said...

I would suggest a trip over to Oklahoma Patriot for insight into what may lie ahead if things don't get straightened out. He's at

Susannah said...

Sounds something like, "Energy problems? I'm from the Government & I'm here to help..."


And, Fistful, please don't forget the children...it means he hates the children too; especially non-caucasian children, who are poor, or sick, or homeless, or have kittens...

Joe said...

Susannah: Especially who have kittens.

Joe said...

FOD: Oh, BTW, sarcasm is one of my spiritual gifts.