Saturday, October 31, 2009


You have been told that the House's newest version of HealthCare legislation will result in fair premiums that will stay the same, right?

You've been told that your benefits will not change, right?

You have been told time-and-again, with the full insistence and weight of the presidency that there would be no waiting for health care benefits...remember?

President BO looked straight into the camera and assured us that there would not be any rationing in our health care plan. You hadn't forgotten that, had you?

I have not finished reading the bill, but I did read this:

"INSUFFICIENT FUNDS.—If the Secretary estimates for any fiscal year that the aggregate amounts available for payment of expenses of the high-risk pool will be less than the amount of the expenses, the Secretary shall make such adjustments as are necessary to eliminate such deficit, including reducing benefits, increasing premiums, or establishing waiting lists."




You can read it all at: house bill.

Here's some more information about this deplorable monstrosity:

1. Speaker Pelosi's 1,990- page bill is going to raise the cost of health insurance for most American families. President BO said IT WOULD NOT, but he lied (as usual)...IT WILL.

2. The "Public Option" is there to compete with private insurance companies. Insurance companies can compete with other private sector insurance companies, but there is no way they can compete with the government. This bill will drive every private health insurance company out of business.

3. This bill is nothing less than a complete government takeover of our health care system.

4. If you're an employer that has over a $500,000 payroll annually, you either have to provide health insurance under their proposal or you pay an 8 percent tax to the federal government.

5. This bill will add to the deficit. President BO said IT WOULD NOT, but he lied (as usual)...IT WILL!

6. There are $500 million worth of Medicare cuts over the next 10 years. The most significant is the $162 billion cut to Medicare Advantage. According to the Congressional Budget Office, about 80 percent of Medicare enrollees would lose their coverage under this proposal.

In my opinion, the time for conservatives to be nice people is over.

We need to inundate our representatives' offices with daily phone many that the switchboard is shut down. There should be so many calls from so many of us that our representatives will shout ENOUGH!! STOP CALLING!! WE GET THE MESSAGE!!

And then we should just keep on calling.

If you liberals think you're getting free health care out of this, or even some bit more health care out of this, you are sadly mistaken. You will wake up one day and cry, "WHAT HAPPENED?"

But don't you dare say you didn't know it would happen.

I just told you.


Lone Ranger said...

How will further spending not add to the deficit? Only if the government does not bear the costs. I saw a figure that this bill will cost taxpayers $2.5 million per WORD. Obama has already seized 33% of private wealth with his takeover of the auto industry, banks, Fanny Mae, Freddie Mack, etc. If he takes over the health industry, that will place 46% of private wealth in government hands. He is nationalizing this country.

Joe said...

LR: Liberal mostly went to government schools, and worse yet, they actually believe what they were taught there.

To a liberal, two plus two equals whatever you want it to equal, as long as you are sincere and mean well in your answer.

Therefore, when faced with X-deficit, and adding to it Y amount of money, the total is actually LESS because they were sincere and meant well in their calculation.

Besides, if they say it, it is true, whether it actually happened or not.

I saw a post (liberal) the other day that was "offended" at conservatives for calling President BO's agenda "Socialist." The writer contended that it was in keeping with the founders federalist policies, as evidenced by the "federalist papers."

That is the kind of ignorance we are dealing with...and they do it with deep sincerity and well meaning hearts.


Dan said...

"If the Secretary estimates for any fiscal year that the aggregate amounts available for payment of expenses of the high-risk pool will be less..."

And they will be less as tax hikes take jobs and destroy what's left of the economy. I'm sure Cap and Tax should finish off what's left .

Susannah said...

BRAVO!! I'd like to post a link to this, Joe. May I? It's such a nice summary, with all the salient points noted.

Thanks for your efforts here.

Tapline said...

Joe, Great Post, as usual.....for your info....I finally posted a small blog post You might want to read it...stay well...

Susannah said...

Joe, hope it's okay -- I took the liberty to link to this post in my new piece. Have already received some interesting comments that you might want to see...


Joe said...

Susannah: Of course it's alright! It's even appreciated!

Tapline: Comin' right over.

dmarks said...

We need to address a big part of why the Dams support this. It means more government workers, and the Dems have planned it so these workers will not have basic rights.

They will be forced against their will into unions. These unions will extract money from the workers to give to the Dems campaigns.

It's perfectly simple, and perfectly corrupt.

If there were a provision to protect these workers from being forced into unions against their will, the Dems would not support the bill.

Joe said...

dmarks: Democrats are, by nature, corrupt.