Friday, October 9, 2009


As you know, President BO has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, established the Peace Prize as a way to balance the evil he had exposed the world to as a result of his explosive invention.

I received an email from President Barack Obama.

Now, I know it was nothing personal, and was a mass Email sent out by the White House.

I wonder where they got my Email address? Could it have been from the many Emails I sent to the White House "snitch" site?

Anyway, here is what I received:

Joe --

This morning, Michelle and I awoke to some surprising and humbling news. At 6 a.m., we received word that I'd been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.

To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who've been honored by this prize -- men and women who've inspired me and inspired the entire world through their courageous pursuit of peace.

But I also know that throughout history the Nobel Peace Prize has not just been used to honor specific achievement; it's also been used as a means to give momentum to a set of causes.

That is why I've said that I will accept this award as a call to action, a call for all nations and all peoples to confront the common challenges of the 21st century. These challenges won't all be met during my presidency, or even my lifetime. But I know these challenges can be met so long as it's recognized that they will not be met by one person or one nation alone.

This award -- and the call to action that comes with it -- does not belong simply to me or my administration; it belongs to all people around the world who have fought for justice and for peace. And most of all, it belongs to you, the men and women of America, who have dared to hope and have worked so hard to make our world a little better.

So today we humbly recommit to the important work that we've begun together. I'm grateful that you've stood with me thus far, and I'm honored to continue our vital work in the years to come.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama.

Here is my reply to him, which I sent today:

President Obama,

You are correct. You do not deserve the honor of a Nobel Peace Prize.

For one thing, you have done nothing to advance the cause of peace. We are in two active wars and we have troops in actions in countries other than Iraq and Afghanistan. That is war, not peace.

The Nobel Peace Prize has become nothing more than a tool of political persuasion administered by a committee that has an anti-liberty agenda and is used for political purposes.

I don't know whether you just have never learned that or simply are incapable of understanding that fact, but either way, you have been used as a pawn on the world stage.

The Nobel Peace Prize could not possibly be a call to action, because the Nobel Peace Committee has no authority to call the President of the United States of America to any kind of action.

It is sophomoric of you to think they have such power, and I know you have long since risen above the level of sophomorism, haven't you?

Honestly, sir, your every speech, your every press conference reeks of those "bull sessions" we used to have in college when we would gather around and discuss various world philosophies when we thought we were being expressive and original, but when we obviously were not.

President Obama, may I respectfully suggest that you stop allowing your personal aggrandisement get in the way of the job you were elected to do, defend and protect the
Constitution of the United States of America. Its mandate is stated in its preamble, which I encourage you to read, seemingly for the first time in your life.

Hoping that you soon change your approach to national leadership, I remain,

Joe Scoggins,
Well versed U.S. Citizen


Janie Lynn said...

One reason I do not write to the president is because I respect the office and would not be able to be nearly as polite as you are. Always a class act, Joe. And right too.

cary said...

Funny, I'm pretty sure they have MY address on file too - maybe they are going to hand-deliver my copy?


Professor of Life said...

BO was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 12 days(!!) after he became President! He and Jimmy Carter were 2 of the worst recipients they've chosen. Carter was an embarrassment during his Presidency and still is... Obama has achieved NOTHING to write home about. Instead, he has apologized for America! Of course the Europeans love that...
Not a single lib or Dem that I had asked on the Lib blogs answered the question of what BO has accomplished to earn the Peace Prose award. Not a single accomplishment. Not even one. Nada.

Joe said... do a good job, yourself.

Cary: Watch your front door.

POL: Apologizing for America seems to be the prime criteria for the Nobel Peace Prize...witness the other recipients.

Professor of Life said...

Thank YOU Joe.

PS.. I'm always watching my back

Mark said...

Joe, as I mentioned over at my place, there are thousands of people more qualified to win a peace prize than Obama.

If you nominate me, I'll nominate you for next year's.

Joe said...

Mark: DEAL!!!

Timothy said...

I would like to nominate my dog Rylie. No, he hasn't done anything to bring peace. He brings more mayhem to my household than any other being. But still, he's a happy dog and should be recognized as one who desires to bring world peace, and lots of puppy off spring! So let's nominate Rylie, the mighty!

Joe said...

Timothy: If neither Mark nor I make it, we'll nominate Rylie next.

disa said...