Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I want to weigh in on President BO (President out of respect for the office; BO because his agenda stinks) and the International Olympic Committee.

You know all of this, but I will include it for posterity's sake.

President BO, FLOTUS, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey tried to convince the IOC that the Olympics should be held in Chicago.

Their method was for President BO to tell the IOC how wonderful he is and for FLOTUS Michelle Obama to do the same.

To make certain the IOC knew who this was really all about, they used the personal pronoun "I" more than a hundred times between them in their speeches.

The IOC effectively threw them off of the international stage.

Obama said "it's always a worthwhile endeavor to promote and boost the United States of America and invite the world to come see what we're all about."

This from the guy who has managed all by himself to diminish the shine of America around the world.

While it is gratifying to see that the world does not hold nearly the exalted image of President BO (President out of respect for the office; BO because his agenda stinks) as he does of himself, be careful about making more of this striking failure than there is to make.

Around the blogosphere this phenomenally stupid loss to Rio de Janeiro is being heralded as a possible sign that the president's power is weakening, and that he may be in trouble on the domestic front.

It seems more likely that his Chicago thugism will rear its ugly head and that President BO's pressure on congress to pass health care legislation, cap-and-trade legislation and a host of other laws that will move us ever closer to socialism will increase geometrically.

He has lost face on the international stage.

He cannot afford to lose face on the domestic stage.

After all, the messiah, the gift of the gods to America, the poster boy for egocentricity, the personification of megalomania MUST be satiated with success.

More than ever, President BO (President out of respect for the office; BO because his agenda stinks) will be determined to project and protect his own grandeur.

Conservatives must remain ever steadfast lest we end up with a country that is nothing more than Olympic fools gold.


ablur said...

BO behaves more like a selfish six year old with a over sized vocabulary. My new post is also about the self grandiose nut case and chief.
He has become more dangerous now that his ego has been deflated a little. He is looking for something to re-inflate it.

Chris M. said...

It is interesting that the president's surrogates have not yet accused the IOC of racism. Is that bit of verbal savagery reserved for Americans?

Joe said...

ablur: He is what I call "sophomoric"...like a college student experimenting with philosophy in a bull session.

Chris M: I have suggested that we interview Jimmy Carter once again and listen to him call the IOC racist.