Friday, October 2, 2009


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Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Yep, he can deny the truth of his remarks all he wants, but the video record is undeniable.

I wonder what Mrs. Carter was thinking as she sat beside him while he dug himself deeper and deeper.

Not even Skin So Soft can save him this time.

Joe said...

PCC and Others: This post is proof positive that liberals do not care what the truth is. If they say something did not happen, it did not happen, even if there is proof that it DID.

And, if they say something happened, it happened, even if there is proof that it did NOT.

To a liberal, truth is whatever they say it is at the time they say it, irrespective of whether or not it is actually true.

It is extremely difficult to refute this kind of "truth," because proof means nothing to a liberal.

That's why liberal judges, liberal politicians and liberal bloggers are so dangerous to America.

ablur said...

Hearing the words and how he parsed them does offer him some wiggle room.

By choosing the words intensely he has tried to quantify the group and divide it up. They can now pick and choose what there definition of this is and thereby clear the way for their poor choice in words.

Words based on personal opinion and vague interpretation are the marquee of the liberal politician. This is how they save there butts on a daily basis.

Carter is now the second worst president of America and to be challenged like that while he is still alive is more ten he can handle.

Janie Lynn said...

Y'know I've said it before, it's time to pick Jimmys nursing home!

Dan said...

Someone needs to coin a word: maybe democratist. That is someone who holds the view that, although all politicians-and people in general for that matter,can play fast and loose with the truth, Democrats actively support and encourage it in the interest of political gain. That would qualify me as a color blind democratist.