Thursday, February 19, 2009


The other day, an Oklahoma City Policeman pulled over a driver who had an anti-abortion sign on his car that read: "Abort Obama, not the unborn," meaning: "remove him from office and stop aborting babies."

The man's sign was confiscated, and he was "placed under investigation" as a possible threat to President BO.

The police finally decided that the man was not a threat, that he had told the truth about the meaning of his sign, and that they should return his sign to him. This after the Secret Service had visited his home, interrogated him and his family and declared him not a threat to President BO.

You can read all about it at Drudge Report .

Now, I understand the concern.

I even understand that President BO had neither knowledge of this event nor any involvement in it.

However, I have see many cars with anti-Bush bumper stickers on them, some much more direct than this one, none of which resulted in the arresting of the owners of the vehicles to which they were affixed.

My point here is an attitude that is overtaking the country relative to our elected leaders, President BO in particular.

President BO is being presented by the Mainstream Media as an almost messianic figure (which has been chronicled by many), who is the only hope for America's continued existence.

His own statements, in speeches, press conferences, etc., reflect a level of self-confidence (some would say arrogance) that seem to try to convince us that he has definitive answers to every area of the nation's issues.

In spite of his very obvious lack of leadership experience, ineptitude in selecting honest, ethical Cabinet members, and his expertise at using innocuous language, leading one to believe he is actually saying something, he still garners manic responses from his constituents.

President BO is quickly being elevated to monarchical status.

He makes a command to jump, and people around him jump, asking "how high" on their way up.

Frankly, I am uncomfortable with establishing a monarchy in the United States of America.

It seems to me that we came into being when we revolted against a monarchy.

Besides, King Obama just sounds so foreign.

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