Sunday, February 22, 2009


One of my favorite "bloggerettes," Jennifer, writes on the blog, Palace for a Princess .

In her latest post (as this is written) she states: "I've pretty much had it when it comes to politics."

She goes on to express her frustration at bloggers' collective ineffectiveness at altering the political process.

Jennifer is quite right to be annoyed.

As I surf blogdom, I read hundreds of blogs that are conservative to one degree or another (as well as a few liberal blogs...which prove to be both too wacko and too vulgar for my tastes), and see so many of the same conclusions that I know we are together in our basic thinking.

However, we had little effect on the election in the end, because emotionalism and pie-in-the-sky-ism ruled the land.

Thus was elected a man who would be king, President BO.

(I call him President BO because "President" is respectful of the office and "BO" stands for Body Odor...and with every passing day I am more aware that his administration stinks.)

In one month, President BO has forever changed the political framework of The United States of America, from a nation "...of the people, by the people and for the people..." (Abraham Lincoln) to a nation "of the government, by the government and for the government" in the guise of "doing for" the people.

Short of some kind of, hopefully peaceful, rebellion, there is no way to reverse this process.

Our so-called, "conservative," lawmakers have been too gentlemanly (or ladyly??) to have exercised the same tactics that were used against them when they held the majority in both houses of congress.

Jennifer's exasperation is shared by a lot of us, because we spend a lot of time reading each other (which is a good thing) and not enough time in the "enemy's" camp...even less than they spend in ours (witness Ducky's Here;

So what do you see as the solution, Dear Reader?

Are we at a place where we need to stage a revolution?

Would we echo the words of Jimmy Durante: "What a revolting development this turned out to be."?


snaggletoothie said...

I think It's way too soon to start talking revolution. I sympathize with what you say but I think you have lost perspective for a moment. I believe our side is the side of God and truth so it will win. In the long run. It is important to keep in mind the full scope of history and the complete and total power of God. If you look at the history of the ancient Israelites, the total flow of movement was ever forward but there was no lack of reverses along the way. In my own life, reverses seem awful while I'm in the midst of them. But looked back at the reverses were often because I needed to learn something or change something. Now that I'm older I often find myself able, while in the midst of a reverse, to mentally raise above it by seeing it as a stepping stone. Often these reverses strengthened and deepened my faith and my ability to experience the presence of God.
I feel that my blogging is not all for naught. In doing the reading and listening necessary to my blogging I have become much more educated about many issues and have become firmer in my adherence to the basic principles of conservatism.
We are in the midst of a reverse. But we will become stronger because of it. No reverse lasts forever. Just try to keep an eye on the big picture.
"Let not your heart be troubled."

Tapline said...

Joe, Even though I have the same feelings of the present situation as hopeless, I also have faith that "God willing" People, being what they are will start to see the falacy of their thinking and return to whense they began......God will out, but he may need some help on the way....feet to the fire, so to speak....stay well...

Joe said...

snaggletoothie: Historically, there have been nations which were initially "on God's side," which then deserted their convictions and are no longer the powerhouses they once were.

I believe that if the United States continues on its present path, God will lift His hand of protection from us and will turn us over to our own devices.

Therefore, it is important to understand where we came from, where we are, how we got here and what the outlook for the future might be under various scenarios.

While blogging might not be "all for naught," when one considers the sheer numbers of blogs in the universe, the numbers of conservative blogs is quite low.

I do not believe that means we should not blog. Quite the contrary, it is important for us to continue to do so in order to help preserve what we have and to give each other encouragement.

To expect blogging, in and of itself, to have a great impact on our current situation is possibly futile.

Personal involvement in the process through contacting our representatives, even our President, is important.

Tapline: In addition to the above comment, let me also say that I am not optimistic about people "seeing the error of their way," due to a lack of education on the issues, personal greed and a general reliance on the government to be a "cure-all" for our individual and corporate woes.

shoprat said...

I fear there will be a revolution and it will not likely be peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Joe, I just came across this and I am honored that you wrote about my post. In reality it was a good old fashioned temper tantrum, but you are right, we need to take action. Blogging is wonderful but without the deeds, like contacting our representatives and even BO, it will accomplish nothing. In fact the more we rant and rave like lunatics the less people will take us seriously. We need an alternative and so far nobody has put forth anything to believe in. We need practical solutions and an united front. I am hoping people will see Obama's true colors and public opinion will start to change. If and when it does we need to be ready with positive and realistic goals. They will be looking for something, and if they don't find it, they will look elsewhere!

Oh, and your one of my favorite bloggers too Joe! I can always count on you for a well thought out and intelligent arguement/solution as opposed to some of the other blogs out there.

Anonymous said...

You believe God has a plan, sooooo wouldn't Obama be part of God's plan??? I don't get you guys. Is God in charge or not? Where was he when the Republicans were spending like there was no tomorrow leading to this huge deficit? You make absolutely no sense. Obama is cleaning up the mess left for him. Plain and simple. He's not evil, he's not trying to bring America down. Can't you see that although you differ with the method, that he is trying to help? The Bible isn't going to help us. It's just not.

Joe said...

anonymous: The Word of God says that non believers will not understand...and I see He is right.

"Where was God...?" He is here all of the time. He is omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient.

He does not micro manage, and since we live in a fallen world, we do things a fallen world would do (surprise?).

He gives us free will, and, yes, President BO is in office according to His will.

That does NOT mean BO is a good guy. Nor did it give Bush the right to engage in rampant spending.

If you ever really want to understand, instead of just acting like a pompus twit, let me know. I'll be happy to share with you.

In fact, the Bible contains over 2,000 references to the proper use of money, and had we followed them, I guarantee you we would not be in this mess in the first place.

snaggletoothie said...

Joe I agree that many Americans have deserted their convictions and Americans are giving God lots of reason to turn from us. But in this messed up world America remains a great source of good. And, because of the distorting biases of our media it can be difficult to get a clear picture. And the view is also made ugly by the vast numbers in Washington who will do almost anything for a buck.
But America is much more than that. I am especially given hope by things I read that are by and about people in our military. It reminds me that there are still young men and women being brought with good values and a willingness to live a life of sacrifice for the common good. From what I've seen these young people are intelligent, educated, caring and mostly God fearing. I have been especially impressed by many young officers who have shown amazing depth of character and originality of thought. They have gone into strange lands with little training for the local situation. They had many reverses but they kept to the mission and learned from experience and turned things around. We are not some semi-dead Byzantine culture. Americans still respond in new and original ways to ever changing challenges.
And the media picture leaves out the vibrancy of flyover country: I think it makes them mad and they don't even know how to interact to it or how to write about it since it is so different from their money and power dominated world. And I see fly over country as another as another source of hope. These are many, many millions of people who know what is right and spend their lives doing it. They are great sources of productivity and innovation that fuel the economy.
I think America still has the elements necessary for real greatness. In spite of many decades of the left trying to destroy the foundations of our society, they are far from finishing us off. We still have millions of families who give their kids a religious upbringing and values and work as many jobs as they must. They still find ways around problems to continue contributing. And as long as our soldiers and citizens are capable of giving, caring and innovating I think America still has some life in her. And I think God might still have a soft spot in his heart for us. And He might still have some big plans for us.

Joe said...

snaggletoothie: I hope you are right...and I know you are in part, but when I stand at a grocery store parking lot and watch and listen, I am less encouraged.

snaggletoothie said...

Joe-- Maybe the market parking lot is not the best place for you to hang out. I have a sense that you're a leader and you have meaningful moral influence in your community. I think that carries certain responsibilities with it. You have a responsibility to be a source of inspiration and to find ways and means to be as positive as possible.
I hope I'm not being presumptuous since I'm just some jerk that just wandered by on the net.
9ButI have stayed because we have some shared values.) But I don't think conservatives are going to find a way to lead unless we have a positive and uplifting message. And the first step to that is believing we can be positive and have something to offer. And once the movement decides to find that, it will. (I'd also like to see you as an individual be happy.)

Joe said...

snaggletoothie: I was trained as a sociologist.

One place where a majority of people end up eventually is the grocery store.

The grocery store parking lot is a place where a great cross section of the population appear at one time or another.

I'm just reporting on what I observe.

What I observe is a great proportion of the people who pass by in the parking lot, do not speak proper English, use vulgar language, dress toward the lower echelons of society (which, if they all dress that way I suppose defines a new class of society), argue with each other without ceasing, and speak of Barack Obama as though he is the answer to life's issues.

I frequent three grocery stores in town, Publix Market, Winn dixie and Wal-Mart.

Whenever I go, I sit for a while and just watch and listen to people.

My conclusions are not the result of a scientific study, just my impressions of the general attitude of those who pass by.

These are not the same attitudes I observe in church or in most businesses in the area, but they are what I see in grocery store parking lots.

I believe that if we are to be what we should be as a nation, we must change at the level of the "averatge" person.

I don't believe there is any sociological or governmental way to do that. It must come as a result of the people coming to know their Creator (who endowed them with certain unalianable rights).

Joe said...

I think I'll post on that tomorrow.

Z said...

Hi, found this at Jennifer's...good to know you!

(Ducky practically LIVES at my can find him there!!!)

But these are the people WE WANT TO REACH! I just told Jenn at her place (just saw that rant) that we conservatives should welcome lefties at our sites...I've been practically blackballed by 2 bloggers who used to come all the time but now hint I shouldn't allow lefties...why?
WHO WANTS A CONSERVATIVE ECHO CHAMBER? NOT me. That's not informing people the media's lying to...that's just going NOWHERE> We have to reach out!

Thanks for this post! GET TO WORK, BLOGGERS! We have a country to save!

By the way, to you and Tapline: We have to tell Americans what our media's not telling them..That COULD work. If we can swing it. it's a worthy cause, RIGHT? Anything more worthy? I think not... And it's the ONLY shot we have, folks.

Dave Miller said...

Joe, I am sure after someone has been ridiculed and called a "pompus twit", they just can't wait to hear about the love of Christ.

I think Jesus had a few words about this type of name calling in his sermon on the mount.

Joe said...

Thanks, Dave. Maybe you should look up "pompus" and "twit" before you go exercising your spiritual superiority.

Proverbs 6:17

Joe said...

Dave: Besides, I did not call him a pompus twit...I said he ACTED like one.

People who are caught up in their own self-righteousness tend to grasp what they want someone else to have said instead of what they really said.

Their attitude is, "I'm a Christian...I thought of must be God leading me."

The epitome of false logic.

Dave Miller said...

Joe, maybe I am missing something... here is Proverbs 6:17...

...haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood...

Where does this fit into what I was saying?

Regarding calling someone a pompous twit, or saying they are just acting like one, I assume you are taking the view that describing their actions and not them personally has no effect on their psyche.

Therefore your words would not fall under either Jesus' sermon on the mount conditions, or Paul's admonition in Philippians to consider others better than ourselves.

Noted Christian sociologist Duane Elmer says research now shows that the human mind is incapable of separating the two.

In others words, when we criticize the sin, the brain hears and understands this as an attack on the person.

Joe said...

Dave: It is describing YOU. I really think your "setting me straight" on my own political blog is out of line, inappropriate and unnecessary.

Frankly, you are not the one whose opinion I respect enough to be set straight by.

(The pompus twits of this world never recognize the pompus twitism in their own selves).