Monday, February 16, 2009


The following is the text of a comment I left at Social Sense, one of the best blogs in the blogosphere:

I work at a small, 3,000 watt Christian radio station. (BTW, you can listen online at Kingdom FM Christian Radio . I'm on from 9:00 am until Noon weekdays.)

The so-called "fairness doctrine" could mean real trouble for us.

Our listeners listen because, and only because, they hold to a particular viewpoint...that of Christianity.

We do air "Focus on the Family" and "Jay Sekulow Live," both of which would be considered "right wing" by many. The bulk of our programming, however, is made of Bible studies, preaching and praise & worship music.

We would, under the "fairness doctrine," be required to broadcast some kind of "balance," which would mean that those who tune in for inspiration, Bible teaching, and great praise & worship music and ministry would have no reason to listen at all during those times we were forced to broadcast "balance."

Loss of listeners to a non-profit, means loss of revenue.

Loss of revenue would mean that we would be unable to sustain our station.

Many who need the encouragement, the positive uplifting programming we offer and who need a sense of withdrawal from the constant drumbeat of negative, shrill, left-wing screeching, will have no place else to turn.

That would be sad.

I suspect that the left is so enamoured with the "fairness doctrine" because they have been impotent when it comes to garnering listeners for their vulgar dribble.

In the world of radio, if you don't garner listeners, you don't broadcast.(Think "Air America," etc.)

My suggestion is for the left to learn how to present a program that people actually want to listen to, instead of forcing them to listen to what the left wants them to.

Rush Limbaugh has over 20 million listeners, none of whom are forced to listen, but choose to.

The left just needs to find a Rush Limbaugh of their own who could steal listeners from the real Rush Limbaugh and present their views accordingly.

All they need to do is to attract 25 million listeners and the job is done.

But due to their impotence, force is all the left has left.

So far they have been unable to compete in the market of ideas.


WomanHonorThyself said...

hi there..they want censorship,plain and simple...horrific!

selahV said...

it can only get worse...socialism takes over airwaves as well as brainwaves. selahV

Mark said...

On the bright side, you can air your views on Keith Olbermann's program under the rules of fairness.

All things being equal, of course.