Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Nancy Pelosi has given the most dire warning of the current economic crisis.

She said that we've got to pass the bail-out package quickly. In fact, she said that for every month we wait to pass it "...500 million jobs..." would be lost.


That's a lot of jobs.

In fact, that's more people than live in the entire United States!

Estimates have been that there are about 160 million people at work in the United States.

So now, not only are we destined to run a major budget deficit, we are going to run a job deficit.

Watch out!

By the end of this month, if we don't pass the bail-out bill, YOU will be out of a job (if you're not already).

And now we know that there will not be a single job for any of our children for at least another 10-15 years.

At 500 million jobs lost per month, that's not even long enough to make up for the job deficit.

But never fear.

We still have the good old United States government.

They're here to help.

They'll provide us with jobs.

Just as soon as they figure out how to tax people who have no jobs.

Now, I know Nancy Pelosi just misspoke (at least I hope she did).

But with a Party that seems to lose three out of nine cabinet appointments to one form or another of corruption, don't you think they would be a little more careful with their words?

What ever happened to that 7,000 page document each prospective government employee was going to have to fill out and submit before being hired?

(I know, I mother told me a million times not to exagerate---but she was a Democrat - sort of).

What ever happened to the extraordinarily high level of integrity with which we were to have been adorned when BO became President?

What ever happened to....

Oh, nevermind.

Nobody cares.

The little messiah has arriven.

We're saved!

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David Wyatt said...

Poor woman's brain-dead.