Friday, February 20, 2009


One of the most emailed videos of the day, yesterday, was this video of Rick Santelli "ranting" about home mortgages.

It was a passionate rage, and made the point that everybody would like to have a piece of the government bail-out for home mortgages, and that nobody "playing by the rules" wants to be penalized by those who don't play by the rules.

Santelli said that none of us would want to pay the mortgage of the neighbor next door who has a decent house with two bathrooms and can't, or won't pay for it.

This morning he appeared on the Today Show, to explain his position, and said that he may have used "wrong language..."

In the course of the interview, the blame for the current mortgage crisis was lain at the feet of the evil mortgage lenders and bankers who made all of those sub-prime loans out of greed and ambition.

They all agreed that this whole economic mess started with those sub-prime loans. Nobody, I mean NOBODY, pointed out that those sub-prime mortgages were made because they had to be made due to a quota system set in place by the federal government.

In my opinion, there is some pressure coming from somewhere (read: the government) to ignore the government's initial role in all of this.

Ordinarily I am not a conspiracy theorist, but in this case, there is no alternative conclusion to be drawn.

There is a pressure of fear and/or intimidation, complete with dire consequences, if certain "respected" (if that is not an oxymoron) reporters dare to take this back to its roots; ie: the federal government, under the then leadership of the Democrat Party.

After repeated insistence by the Bush administration that Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac be constrained from making these sub-prime loans, the House Financial Services Committee, lead by one of the slimiest, sleaziest, crooked people ever to serve in Washington DC, Barney Frank, required that these loans be made.

Not surprisingly, the people to whom these loans were made began defaulting on their loans in great number and thus began the downward spiral as the "housing bubble" burst under the load of those defaults.

Now we have entrusted the very people who mandated this economic crisis to fix it.

It's like asking the fox to go back to the chicken coop to repair the nests.

Every one of you who supports this approach to relieving our economic woes is a complete fool.

Your logic is faulty, your sense of history is faulty, your conclusions are faulty, and you have the inability to think in a "straight line."

You have elected a man who believes throwing good money after bad will help, you have supported a Congress who thinks the same and you have given them the encouragement they need to continue with the economic ruin of our great country.

Wake up!

Open your eyes!

Even you will not like the consequences of continuing on this ill-fated course of action.

You will look back and say, "I wish we hadn't done that," but it will be too late.

Why in the world would you, who enjoy the freedoms so valiantly fought for by our predecessors, so easily give them up?

Why in the world would you want a bunch of short-term politicians and bureaucracies to have power over every aspect of your life?

That is NOT the American way.

I, for one, join the revolt.

I say, "Get the government out of the economy and let the PEOPLE work this mess out." (Remember, Abraham Lincoln called this a government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE.)

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David Wyatt said...

Amen bro. Joe. I could not say it any better, in fact not as good, so I will just say thank you.

Mark said...

It goes deeper than that, Joe. If Obama can distributre our money to people and businesses who are irresponsible, he can also determine for them how (he believes) best to use the funds.

If, for instance, he wants these businesses to whom he gives funds to re-invest these monies into --say-- Re-establishing the nation of Palestine by arming Hamas to systematically wipe out all traces of Israel, he can withdraw those funds if they refuse to comply with his demands.

It is up to his whims what they do with the money he loans them, and there is no one to stop him as long as he has the support of the Democrats (and those three treasonous Republicans) in both houses of Congress.

He may become the most murderous dictator in the world before he's finished, if he is not stopped.