Friday, February 13, 2009



Do you remember Henrietta Hughs, the lady who pleaded for immediate help from President BO when he was in Fort Myers, Florida?

From The Fort Myers News Press:

LEE COUNTY: Henrietta Hughes, the woman known as the face of our nation's struggles, is now trying to clear her name.

Hughes spoke to Barack Obama during his visit on Tuesday. She and her son were homeless, living out of their car, and looking for help.

Well, she did receive help from Representative Nick Thompson and his wife Chene. They gave Hughes a home to live in rent free for as long as she needs it.

But Thursday Tonya Johnson, Director of We Care Ministry, says she has offered Hughes assistance in the past - even a place to live - and she didn't take it.

President BO, speaking before the Caterpillar company, said: "...if Congress passes our plan, this company will be able to rehire some of the folks who were just laid off."

But asked if the stimulus package would be able to stop the 22,000 layoffs or not, Caterpillar CEO, Jim Owens said, "I think realistically no. The truth is we're going to have more layoffs..."

Remember: The truth is what actually happened (in this case, what will happen).

The Congress VOTED to post all bills on the Internet so everyone can see them at least 48 hours before the bill is voted on.

Truth: The so-called "Stimulus Package," which is now 1,071 pages long, has been read by few, if any members of Congress, and was put on the Internet in PDF format, so that word searches could not be done and so it would be awkward, at best, to download and read.

President BO said, "...Transparency and the rule of law shall be the touchstone of this administration."

Question: Is waiting until late February 1st to release the text of the bill a proper use of the word "transparency?

We're told that the "Stimulus" bill is a 787 billion dollar package.

The truth is the bill, as passed, will cost American tax payers over 3-trillion dollars.

Why do you suppose that members of Congress who pushed for the passage of the bill didn't tell you that?

Do you think it is the responsibility of the United States to pay for programs designed to keep citizens of other countries from leaving their countries?

One of our "stimulus bill's " provisions is to help Mexico provide benefits such as health care, retirement and other items to encourage Mexicans NOT to leave Mexico to go to the United States.

At least that's a unique way to limit the influx of illegal aliens.

Have you ever been to Mexico?

I'd leave if I lived there...even with health care.

President BO pledged to involve Republicans in his administration.

New Hampshire Republican Sen. Judd Gregg withdrew from consideration as Commerce secretary Thursday, saying his differences with the Democratic White House ran too deep.

The announcement was a fresh embarrassment for an administration rocked by a number of setbacks.

Why would any true Republican even think of getting involved with this incompetent, sophomoric bunch of elitists?

Does the "stimulus bill" have to pass?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell failed to keep his members in line and was eclipsed by three members of his caucus — Susan B. Collins, Olympia Snowe of Maine and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. They negotiated with the Democrats and ultimately sided with them.

President BO promised us the most ethical, honest and transparent administration in history.

Geithner, appointed Treasury secretary, failed to pay his and his nanny's taxes...honest and ethical?

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, voted for a war that she opposed...honest and ethical?

Eric H. Holder Jr, Attorney General worked in the pardon office, and he didn't know anything about who was pardoned...honest, ethical, transparent?

Is it just me, or is President BO proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is sophomoric, though articulate, in his "leadership?"


Anonymous said...

I'm so sick and tired of this guy already..If I hear that idiotic phrase, “save or create X million jobs” once more, I think I’ll puke. It means nothing, and anyone who uses it should be forced to actually explain himself. At least get their concrete projections on record. They must have projections, in order to know what a “saved job” even is - though having a projection only implies that one is willing to take a guess and stick to it, nothing more. But at least nail them down on what they think the future would have looked like without that turd they call ‘legislation’. If you don’t nail them down, they just jump around from day-to-day, detached from any, and all, history.

Joe said...

I Care: Thank you for stopping by. I certainly agree that there is absolutely no objective way to quantify how many jobs are created or how many are saved. These are ethereal wisps of President BO's imagination.

selahV said...

No, Joe. It's not you. And the truth will set us free. Keep writing. selahV