Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Barack Obama has announced the end of all that is bothering America with his outline of his proposed budget.

Standing ovations by both sides of the aisle were the order of the evening (with only a couple of exceptions).

Republicans seemed as mesmerized by that great smile and those hope-filled words as did the Democrats.

President BO touched on almost every area of life in America and declared that the government is now ready to make them all better.

The government will fix the banks.

The government will fix education.

The government will fix your neighborhood.

The government will fix your gasoline problem.

The government will fix your student loan.

The government will fix your job.

The government will fix your mortgage.

The government will fix your business (as long as its not too large).

The government will fix any disagreement you have with it (scary, huh?).

The government will fix the engine of our prosperity.

The government will fix our energy shortage.

The government will fix the environment.

The government will fix your car.

The government will fix your credit card debt.

The government will fix your health.

The government will fix your "inherited" budget deficit (Never mind that the "inherited" deficit was ten times smaller than the deficit increase with the "stimulus" package).

Do you detect a thread?

Does this seem a lot like socialism?


Well, maybe you just don't accept the time-honored definition of socialism.

But when you have that boyish, winning smile, I guess you can change the face of a nation.


DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

I guess that the Doom and Gloom and catastrophe speech didn't go over to well.

Anonymous said...

Where was your deficit outrage when your beloved President was running up the tab with no end in sight? Too funny.

Joe said...

Anonmous: The only thing funny is your rank stupidity.

Don't come here spewing stuff about which you are superiorly ignorant.

My rage at Bush was right here. Had you paid attention, you would have read all about it.

Having said that, the comparison is outrageous.

In one month, President BO has increased the deficit over 10 fold.

Do you think that's reasonable?

One month vs 8 years?

Tom said...

Came over here from Jens Palace - great posts written from the heart. Will be adding you to my blogroll.

Yes, Government will solve all our ills - at a cost. Those costs will eventually include our many freedoms that we alone enjoy in this country.

shoprat said...

Who will fix the government?