Wednesday, February 11, 2009


President Barack Obama (hithertoforthandevenforevermore known as President BO) came to our town yesterday (2/10/2009) for a "Town Hall Meeting.

After a non-inspiring speech in which he iterated and reiterated everything he has been saying since taking office (if we don't act NOW we're doomed), he received "questions," one of which was from this pitiful lady:

This lady embodies everything that the American public expects from President BO's reign.

He is going to fix it, because he is the mini-messiah.

He also received a question from this guy, Julio Osegueda, an Edison State College communications major. In this video, watch him communicate:

Here's a guy who has worked a McDonald's (an honorable job) for four-and-a-half years seemingly without advancing.

(Yeah, yeah...I know...he's "working" while going to school. I did that, a university, no less).

Now I know that advancement is possible at Mickey Dees, because I have a friend who is now an assistant manager after two years.

The point is, the tone of the entire Town Hall Meeting had the tone of people who craved the Nanny State.

Except for one woman (whose name I missed and a video of whom I could not find...surprised?) who challenged his "only the most ethical administration..." stuff with a question about why so many of his Cabinet choices, etc. had had to be withdrawn or had significant "mistakes" with such things as taxes.

She was booed.

To his credit, President BO told the crowd that it was a legitimate question and then proceeded to not answer it.

I am embarrassed for Fort Myers that we (I actually live in Lehigh Acres, where the President was supposed to have come, but decided not to), have this gimmie, gimmie attitude toward the government.

Saddened and embarrassed.

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Parker said...

Bread and circuses. The government will save us all.

Joe said...

Hey, Parker.

We're going to have the circuses without the bread, I'm afraid.

Tapline said...

We have pampered these kids all their lives now the government owes them a living. They have little freedom and what is left will slowly be taken away.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

McDonald's Boy is too much of a dipstick to move up in or out of that job.

Obama's suave and smooth style is bringing lambs to the slaughter. It's sickening.

22 days and counting: It's going to be a long four (or eight?) years.

shoprat said...

It's like those corporate interviews with the CEO by one of his underlings, which used to disgust me when I was a store manager. Why not just give a speech and dispense with the fake interview.

janice_phil said...

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selahV said...

Joe, if you watch the older lady in the background of the video when Obama gives the homeless woman a kiss, she mouths the words, "I love you, Barak."

The McDonald's worker wore his King Obama tee-shirt.

"Let's worship the great and powerful Obama" is the theme, I'm afraid. And the reason Obama is doing this is because he needs his worship rally fix. He can't stay in the Oval Office and govern. He has to have his crowds bowing down.

If the lady who wanted to know about his ethics had such a credible question, why didn't he answer her? Slick as old Willy.

People (conservatives Democrats, foolish Republicans, and Independents with half a brain) are going to wake up from their kool-aid stupor one of these days and find out that they won't be able to get an ingrown toe-nail taken care of unless the government approves it. I just hope they'll be happy limping along in their wornout sneakers. selahV

pottermom said...

Even more amazing when you consider that Henrietta Hughes has been in the news before, in 2004 asking for government help despite the fact that she's been in public housing and receiving assistance since 1983! And how did she just "happen" to get a ticket and just "happen" to get selected to go to the mike and ask a question ...... and then a Republican answers her need while Obama wants to send her to public housing authority... with a 2 year wait.

And Julio...... there is no such thing as a free lunch. You'll pay one way or another. With hard work or with slavery through taxes. Take the hard work, it will be better for you.