Thursday, April 21, 2011


This is the best hope for tomorrow?

Which of these sophomoric "students" did you even understand?

"You, like..."

"And pretty soon..."



WomanHonorThyself said...


Z said...

I couldn't watch more than're right, Joe, the speaking patterns are moronic, but the thing that really got me is that these kids have never been on the street without mom and dad giving them rent, tuition and spending money...from which they can buy their bandanas and pot....and they say they never liked money much and they want revolution.
And, suddenly, mankind's reduced to just another SPECIES, which is EXACTLY what's been happening since CHRISTO started posing Spanish bicyclists nude and kids starting having sex in front of their friends or in hooking rooms because, after all, when the sexual urge hits, one MUST give in, sort of like a dog without a water hose to stop it...? So what? ..just another SPECIES; Godless, mannerless, and so easily indoctrinated.
The only hope we have is that every generation was precisely this ridiculous...But, oh, my GOSH, it just occurred to me that this is the first time a whole White House administration felt the same way as these punks do! THAT's scary!

Tom's Place said...

Do they even know who is paying their way for this nonsense?

Joe said...

WHT: OIY! Indeed!

Z: Godless and mindless. Are they the hope for our future?

Tom's Place: They neither know nor care. They can't express a cohesive thought! Sacry!

Ducky's here said...

Well,z, that isn't a reasonable representation of Christo. When was the last work that even included the human form (which the right seems very frightened of)?

Pity that we can't take a little time and just take in the aesthetic pleasure of his work. Well, some of us anyway, the Arches in Central Park were a real joy. Attracted quite a crowd also and not a naughty nude to be found. I'm sorry, but I missed the indoctrination and it was self funded to boot.

Susannah said...

oh boy...

(they're not paying taxes yet...)