Saturday, April 16, 2011


Don't come to this blog and tell me this guy is a nut case.

If you can refute the facts he presents, feel free to do so.

If Hillary didn't say what he says she said, show me.

If President BO didn't say what he said, show me.

If General Petraus didn't say what he said, show me.

As for David Wood (the guy in the video) agree with him, understand him or whatever, but if you can refute him ON HIS POINTS, please do.

I didn't think so.


Linda said...

Words mean something according to Barack Obama, so we should hold those in the video accountable (at the ballot box) for their words! This administration does not see a necessity to honor their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Excellent post, Joe. Thank you for posting this video.

Ducky's here said...

Graham is correct that there have been limitations on speech during wartime.

However, let's review. A scandal breaks in Afghanistan over U.S. death squads randomly picking civilians to kill and photograph as trophies. Karzai has a problem on his hands.

Meanwhile, back in Bubba land, "Pastor" Jones decides to torch a Quran and Karzai broadcasts it all over Afghanistan where they are already stirred up over the killings.

Instant riots.

As far as anyone stopping Jones, haven't seen much.

Periodically though you Bubbas get all incensed over flag burning and try for an amendment.

Ducky's here said...

Why does this moron conflate procedure at Guantanamo, a prison, and procedure in a war zone.

Probably because he knows bubbas can't think.

Joe said...

Linda: Free speech is on the line, isn't it?

Ducky: So it is your opinion that the Afghans did not over-respond, that they should not be considered responsible for their own actions, and the "Rev." actually forced them to become riotous and to behead folks?

Is it your opinion that pastor Jones' free speech rights should be taken from him? What about yours?

Why must you refer to David Wood as a moron? Aren't you afraid that such speech might be offensive to the point of instigating some dire behavior out of him?

Ducky, you are playing games with the principles of Americanism.

Trust me...that is NOT a good thing.

Joe said...

Ducky: BTW, which of his points are you refuting?

cary said...

Hey, Ducky - did ya miss these videos that Joe posted earlier?
Lindsey Graham and Koran Burning
Your inconsistencies are showing, Ducky.