Monday, April 11, 2011


I first saw these videos over at Woman Honor Thyself, although I'm certain they have been blogged elsewhere.

Her name is Ann Barnhardt.

She is bright, articulate, a little salty and not a little angry.

Warning to those with short attention spans: This is 24 minutes and 23 seconds of video. You may not be intelligent enough to stick it out. But do so anyway. You, of all people, need to see it.

I am not at all interested in your opinion of Ann Barnhardt unless you have watched both videos. You won't know what you are talking about. 

I AM interested in whether or not the passages she read in the second video are accurate.

What I want to know is whether or not you can authoritatively refute anything she reads from Quor'an.

If so, please do so in the comments section.

If you've never read Quor'an (I have, BTW), do so. And please tell me your impressions of it.

Does it or does it not allow: the beating of women; the beheading of infidels; the engaging in sex with boys; forcing oneself on women; engaging a prostitute and the other acts Ann Barnhardt claims.

If you are Muslim, please feel free to set the record straight about this book that inspired the beheading of at least two people after an obscure American pastor burned it.

Reveal to me the passages that would override or supersede the ones she read and why they would do so.

Please don't misrepresent it...remember (see above) I HAVE read it myself.


WomanHonorThyself said...

thanks for the mention Joe..unreal how courageous some folks are!!!

Joe said...

She is to be highly respected, don't you think?

Scotty said...

I think with a little help and with therapy, maybe she'll be able to come out of her shell and express herself forcefully!! ;-P What a gal!!

I too have read the Koran. If anyone is interested in recap of what it says, Robert Spence has a great book out called:

The Complete Infidel's Guide To The Koran. Regnery Publishing.

It's a great read. I highly recommend it.

Until we address Islam for what it is, a cult, there will never be any progress towards dealing with it.

Scotty said...

....and welcome back, Joe!

Joe said...

Scotty: She's a pistol, isn't she?

And thanks.

Leticia said...

I love where she says, "evil, evil, Allah go back to hell where you belong."

That about sums it up for me. I like this lady!!

Joe said...

Leticia: She's the first person I've ever heard verbalize my inner most thought about Islam.

Z said...

that girl ROCKS!
We should ALL carry these videos.......or at least send them to non-blogging friends?

Joe said...

Z: Agreed!

tha malcontent said...

Who Says We Can't Burn A Koran?

Joe said...

the malcontent: Couldn't make the link work, but you ask the right question. said...

Anothe RINO that we don't need.

cary said...

Sure is quiet from the left and the muzzy supporters in here - what'd ya do, ask them to refute the words printed in the koran or something?

Joe said...

Cary: They ae boycotting me. Mostly 'cause I asked them to refute passages in Quor'an.

cary said...

Maybe if they could refute passages in the qoran, they wouldn't be so quiet.

Funny how the truth always comes out.

Anonymous said...

This woman needs a medal for bravery & courage. She has said what all the talking heads will not say. Thank you lady.