Thursday, April 7, 2011


As I write this, the government of the United States of America is getting ready to "shut down."

That means that "non-essential" services provided by the government will cease to operate.

Did you get that part about "non-essential?"

If they are non essential, why in the world do they exist?

Indeed, why do we even need a Department of Energy (they certainly don't provide us with any energy), a Department of Labor (they provide exactly "0" productive jobs), a Department of Education (they only make rules that make it harder to teach our children), or any other of those "non-essential" agencies?

Answer: we don't.

Do you know what the "shut-down" means?

It does NOT mean the government will shut down.

But's called a "shut-down!" Why would they call it a "shut-down" if the governemnt will not be shut down?

Because, dear citizen, that's how the government works: make the citizens fear so they'll do what we want them to do.

What WILL happen is that the workers in those agencies will be furloughed. They will go home, play with the kids, go to the beach, take a trip to Disney World and when the governmnet "starts back up again," they will return to work and get paid RETROACTIVELY for the exta vacation they just enjoyed.

Social Security will NOT be affected by the "shut down." You senior citizens will still get your checks...on time.

Medicare will NOT be affected by the "shut-down." You who are on Medicare will still get your doctor, hospital, surgeries and everything else paid for.

That is why I urge you to contact your congressperson and tell him/her "Go ahead! Shut the government down!"

It's no big deal.

The only ones who are making it a big deal are the Senate, House of Representatives, President BO and the MainStream Media.

Here's a video you can watch that deals with the "shut-down."


Leticia said...

I absolutely concur, let them shut down it's not like those agencies contribute all that much anyhow.

Yep, shut down!

Joe said...

Leticia: Some of them are downright detrimental.

Z said...

Well, you know, we've just GOT to keep Planned Parenthood funded so they can get as many abortions of black children as they can squeeze in ..and gee, how would the country survive without funding NPR or the SMithsonian? :-) (Yes, TONS of sarcasm on my part)

THey keep floating the SOLDIERS WON'T GET that true?
I know that one senator's actually said Republicans are shutting down cancer and Alzheimer's research..they're SHAMELESS in knowing that most AMericans are SHAMELESS in their ignorance of the truth and the left's sound bytes are playing them like a fine violin.

Joe said...

Z: Soldiers WILLL get paid, although their paychecks might be delayed somewhat...not a good thing. It is the ONLY negative I can think of.

ablur said...

The less these useless regulating bodies sit and create new rules to further reduce our freedoms the better. We could save a fortune and keep a little more freedom for the American citizen.