Friday, April 8, 2011


As I sit here watching the news, I see that we still have no agreement regarding a government shut-down.

Harry Reid says we shouldnt be quibbling over such a minor thing as Planned Parenhood's part of the federal budget.

He says Rebuplicans should be ready to compromise.

(If it's such a minor thing, Mr. Reid, why don't you just give it up?)

One MainStream Media person quipped, "If Republicans think they can run a government without compromise, they have another think coming."

Another said, "All of this over birth control pills." (If PP were the issue, it wouldn't be over birth control pills, it would be over federal funding for the #1 abortion provider in the nation.)

I agree, Mr. MSM person.

So why don't Harry Reid and his cohorts just compromise and drop Planned Parenthood from the budget?

I'll tell you why.

It's because Democrats' idea of compromise (and I include President BO, the House and the Senate as well as all liberal/progressives) is: DO IT OUR WAY OR HIT THE ROAD, JACK.

Aw....who cares?

Just shut the thing down!!

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