Thursday, April 28, 2011


Found this over at Teresamerica:

Isn't that pretty much what I was saying a few posts back?


Just askin' 'cause I don't know: In 1961 would the father's race have been listed as "African?"

If I say someone is "African," does that automatically mean they are black skinned?

In 1961, wouldn't that word have been "Negroid" or "Negro?"

Again...just askin'

And maybe you can explain this to me (please, please!):

Look...I don't know where President BO was born. I don't even care, 'cause it will make no difference at all.

I would just like somebody to be up front about it all.


Mark said...

Joe, I watched that video as posted by a Facebook acquaintance. It has been since removed. That, as far as I'm concerned, is suspicious in itself.

I published a post pointing out (among other things) exactly the same thing you did at my place.

It looks to be a forgery, and a bad one at that. And, it is relevant. If he isn't qualified to be President, he must be removed, and replaced by....Biden?

No problem. Biden would be relatively ineffective, and that is definitely more desirable than what Obama can do in two more years.

Joe said...

I have replaced that video with another. I'm not sure I like the intensity with which the host attacks the subject, but I still wonder whether PhotoShop (about which I know little) did what they say it did.

In other words, will someone please explain it to me?

As for Biden...don't be too sure. Remember Kennedy's replacement.

Joe said...

I've now replaced that vid with a shorter one. I still want an explanation.

TheFreedomFighter said...

It seems that you have been targeted as a Bloodthirsty Warmonger.

Joe said...

TFF: Cool!

Scotty said...

Shaw, of all people, Joe. I'm shocked that she would have something negative to say about you! ;-p

Joe said...

Scotty: Her negative is my positive.

Leticia said...

After two years and spending over $2 million to keep it under wraps is highly suspicious in itself. But to all of a sudden bring it out in the open? Something smells like yesterday's diapers.

I believe it is a forged copy.

Ducky's here said...

The convention may have been different in Hawaii which has a much different racial history.

At any rate keep harping. Why not see if you can get Orly Taitz to challenge this one in court.

Just keep letting the centrists know how bat**** crazy the baggers are because even though you can't see it over there on the extreme, Obummer knows how to work the center.

Oh I do hope Trump is a big enough ego to attempt a run. We are praying for it, the demise of the baggers.

Joe said...

Leticia: I think we're all in trouble. They could not have believed that noone would find this out. There HAS to be more to it.

Ducky: "The convention may have been different..."

"May have been" sure convinces me.

Amazing powers of persuasion.

Do you think you might do a little research and show us what the convention was in 1961 in Obamaland?