Sunday, November 14, 2010

This IS America...Isn't It?

He's a thirteen year old patriotic middle schooler who wanted to fly the American flag on the back of his bicycle.

Cody Alicea rides his bike to Denair Middle School in Denair, California each school day. He flies the American flag on the back of it.

Veterans week, school officials told Cody to take the flag off of his bike while on school property because they had received "several" complaints and feared RACIAL TENSION!


What in the world is racial about flying the American flag?

What kind of warped thought process thinks there should be any problem with flying the American flag at an American school in an American city in an American state (California is STILL in America, isn't it?)?

If there were any complaints, which I doubt...this was more likely some stupid "educator" who is enamored with his/her own politically correct agenda...the complainers should have been taken aside and explained to that in America we are proud of our country and that flying the flag is a demonstration of that pride.

It should have been further explained that if they don't feel pride for America because they are in this country here for nefarious reasons (read: illegal immigrants), they should go back to their country of origin, where they can be proud...if they are.

It is my experience that whenever an "official" says he/she has received "several" complaints, that there have really been no complaints and that the official is just trying to justify his/her politically correct motivations.

The same thing happens in other organizations. One person decides something needs to be done or undone and says something like, "People are saying..." or "I've heard a lot of scuttlebutt about...," when in fact that is not true.

Funny thing is, Cody was allowed to have the flag on his bike for two months before anyone "complained." Then, in the week of Veteran's Day, of all times, he was told to take it off.

After much negative media coverage, hundreds of phone calls from citizens and maybe the sudden realization of "Duh...," the school has reversed its decision and Cody has been allowed to fly his flag once again. That's good. It should never have been a issue to begin with.

Is there really no end to the depth of stupidity of the liberal/progressive left?

"How do you know this was a liberal, Joe?" I hear you ask.

Easy. No conservative, not a single one, would ever even think of violating the free speech rights of one who wanted to fly the flag.

You know, this has to stop.

I call on you liberal/progressives who claim to love America to rise up and yell, "Enough!" Then you should shout, "We may disagree on certain political matters, but this is not a political matter! This is about freedom and love of country!"

If you can't do that, I invite you to get out of America. Go to Mexico, France or Iran...but get out! Enjoy the freedoms you'll find there. You are not welcome here any more.

That goes for whoever the inane school official was who originated this horrendous idea.

Just because he/she has an education of some sort does not mean that he/she has any brains at all. Education does not equal smart...witness President BO, and several of the liberal/progressives who occasion the comment section of this blog.

This is of the FREE and home of the brave.

Let's keep it that way.

Here's the original video about it:


tha malcontent said...

You know Joe, I'm really glad that you wrote this post.
I heard about this on the radio a few days ago when I was having breakfast with my wife. And I haven't heard anything about it since. I was so mad that you can't imagine. I told my wife that I just do not recognize my own country anymore. What the devil has happened to patriotism? There just isn't any of it anymore and I think that this government is more interested in pleasing the Muslim population then they are about anyone else.
This makes me say "For the first time in my life I am ashamed of my country". And trust me I never thought that I'd be saying that.
The revolution that swept across American last week at the voting booths need to go MUCH further. We really need to put our collective feet down and say that we have had enough.

Linda said...

Joe ~ Thankfully, after a landslide of complaints from the public over this idiocy, the school has reversed itself and the flag is back on the bike!

Dan said...

Funny thing, he could have flown any other flag and it would have been perfectly fine.

Dan said...

Re: Linda's comment

This kind of thing Joe that is evidence that the true America, the one the malcontent reminisces about, still exists, but it has for whatever reason decided that its enemies belong in bureaucratic control. What is puzzling to me is that this could all be solved at the ballot box--and perhaps we have set a new coarse for just that--rather than react to what enemies naturally do once in power. The flag is a symbol of ownership and America's enemies therefore can not suffer it.

tha malcontent said...
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tha malcontent said...

Joe, Linda, and Dan, all of these comments are great, but it seems like we are "Preaching to the choir".
No one needs to tell us this, we need these knuckle-heads to get their Socialist behinds out of our way!

ablur said...

The conservative American patriot is rising up and taking back the country. It is uplifting to see small examples like this. It lifts our spirits and pushes us to win more battles.
After BO was elected, the conservative felt very alone. I started feeling pain for my conservative values when they attempted to paint GW Bush as a conservative. He was a moderate being used to paint conservatives more liberal and people like me as fringe kooks. The truth is starting to come out.

Joe said...

the malcontent and Linda: It is good that the school system reversed itself, but it is outrageous that they even though about it in the first place.

Dan: How in the world do we get the message out that this kind of thing JUST HAS TO STOP!!!?

ablur: We have a country to take back and part of that country is the school system.

shoprat said...

There have homeowner groups for some gated communities that have had similar problems. It's sad that so many so-called Americans are ashamed of their country.

tapliine said...

Joe, One of the first things we have to do is to lean on Congress to abolish the department of Education and give it back to the States as it should be and let them take the responsibility of a Socilistic population through the Educational system.....My grandaughter was given a list of bookd that she should not allow in her classrooms...It had listed about 100 books, if I remember correctly. She was majoring in Education.....When she started college. She had an assignment to pick a subject to write about anything...It was a mid-term exam. She chose to write about one of her Christmas programs prior to entering college. She received 3 points off because she used Christmas insted of Winter holiday....She was divestated, but she learned fast was politically correct ment.....When she graduated she was fully indoctrinated.....We have very heated discussions about education and critical thinking.....great post.....stay well......

WomanHonorThyself said...

I saw this story and it made me ill Joe..gah!

Joe said...

shooprat: It's just inexplicable to me that there would be those who hate liberty and freedom so much.

tapline: DOE has to be one of the first to go.

WHT: It is sickening, isn't it?

Mark said...

When I first saw this story, I was outraged. But then, after reading the accompanying material, it became pretty clear that this wasn't any big thing to be so outraged about.

Yes, the school administrator was wrong to ask the young man to take down the flag, but one needs to understand his reasoning:

He refers to an incident that had happened the previous 5th of May, or, as we now know it, "Cinco de Mayo". We don't know what that incident was, but it's reasonable to assume some Mexican flags were flown and there were some possibly violent objections to that act.

Wanting to avert similar "incidents", the administrator made an unwise decision. The outrageousness is not that the child was asked to remove his flag, it is that the administrator tried to handle the potential problem so stupidly.

What does this incident say about our public school systems in America when even the school administrators are so uneducated?

Once again not every part of this story has been reported, which seems to be a common occurrence in media today.

Joe said...

Mark: See, I can understand that if you are at an American school, in an American city, in an American state in America and you flaunt the Mexican flag, that might raise some eyebrows or more. That's expressing anit-Americansism in the face of Americans.

But to fly the American flag in an American school, in an American city, in an American state in America...who is that supposed to be offending?

Is there an American who would object to seeing the Mexican flag flown at a Mexican school in Mexico City?

This PC stuff HAS to STOP!

I, for one, intend to violate every PC rule I can find that does not physically hurt someone to violate.

I will call an ugly girl whatever I want to, (even a water one group of African students in America did, thinking they were complementing the girls).

Yep...I'm going into my second teen-age rebellion years and devulging my non-PC side.