Wednesday, November 3, 2010



He spent an awful lot of time explaining why "the other side" had kept things from getting done.

I guess he didn't realize that until yesterday he had a Democrat presidency, a Democrat congress and a Democrat senate.

Why can't he just say, "You know, I didn't really get that Americans felt this way. I didn't really get that the citizens want to govern themselves. I didn't really get that we work for them, not them for us. From now on, I will respect the desires of the American people above everything else, realizing that in a Consitutional Republic, they are the boss, not us."?

I'll tell you why: he is too wrapped up in himself and his personal power to have said that.


Democrat Alex Sink has conceded that there is no mathematical way for her to to win the Florida governorship over Rick Scott. It was very close, and Scott will have his work cut out for him.

In his acceptance speech, Scott said, "...I now work for all the people of Florida.

He knows what he is about.


It just didn't look like it was going to be good.

Even after doing all they could, like checking his name before voters got their ballots, Harry just didn't look like he would make it.

Frantically the Supervisor of Elections looked for some other way to make the necessary adjustments.

Then it happened.

A little after 5:00 PM, a crucial polling place lost electrical power.

Just what was needed: time to make the necessary adjustments to the results.

Within 45 minutes the power was back on, the voting continued and low-and-behold, old Harry was in the lead.

What a convenient power outage it was!

Who would ever have guessed it would happen?

Meanwhile, just to the west, with 17% of precincts reporting, the vote was tied at 47% between Barb and Carly.

Never mind!

We'll just put a check next to Barb's name and call it done.

Sure are they all - all Honorable men.


Lone Ranger said...

Everyone knows how tough it is to kill a zombie.

Fredd said...

Joe, are you saying that these guys (gasp!)...CHEAT??!!??

I'm shocked, SHOCKED!

Joe said...

LR: LOL!!!

Fredd: Cheat? Oh, no. That's much to kind of a word.

Lisa said...

I didn't hear about that power outage. Good Lord.
I also heard that the hotel workers what are SEIU members were mandated to vote and to vote for you now who and were provided transportation.I am sure they all love their union dues going to the Democrat's campaigns too.
The party of choice for only one thing.

My new slogan is" We Are All Tea baggers Now"

Leticia said...

I heard that Sharron Angle is going to dispute Reid's win. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

I have no doubt some tampering involved.

WomanHonorThyself said...

we did it Joe! yes we cannnnnnnnnnn take out the trash my friend and we just got started!!:)

Lone Ranger said...

What happened to your nasty liberal posters? Did they get tired of being humiliated?

Joe said...

Lisa: Yeah...the power outage was just too convenient.

Leticia: That should be very interesting!

WHT: We did! We did!

LR: They haven't been around for a while. They get tired of having to deal with truth and facts. They'll be back in time to call some of us names.

David Wyatt said...

WHT is so right! What a great beginning!

ablur said...

I'm hoping the anger and direction of the people have been heard and business will get done for the people. I know that BO will veto and stomp his feet, but the quick death of America has been averted for now. I fear the lame duck session may make matters worse. All the losers may realize that they have been in charge for the last 2 years and do something spiteful.
The real problem is the bureaucracy that has been built under BO and the democratic congress. Regulations and rule changes can still do vast damage to our nation. The healthcare bill that was passed was a blank slate from hell that is now being filled in by bureaucrats.

Please don't stop writing and calling your representatives. Keep them focused and on target. We still need to make it through 2 more years of you know who.

Joe said...

DavidWyatt: It was good, wasn't it?

ablur: I will be posting the letter I will be sending to Marco Rubio, outlining what Floridians expect from him. I'm sure he already knows, but I want him to know that we support his assertions as a candidate.