Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I don't fly any more.

Airplanes are some of my favorite things in the world, and I used to fly a lot.

I have ridden on literally hundreds of types of aircraft, military and civilian, and it was always the joy of my life.

My last flight was from Ft. Myers to Chicago's O'Hare on a 737-800, and I loved every minute of it.

But no more.

Not if I have to be rendered naked by X-Ray or fondled like a common criminal.

Having seen the videos of people being scanned and patted down, including little girls and young boys, I have decided that I am too prudish to undergo that stuff.

Call me homophobic, but I don't want some guy playing with me, and I don't think they'll let a female agent do it...not that I would want that...ever...having a wonderful wife and all.

All of this, of course, has nothing to do with safety or national security.

It has to do with power.

One TSA agent exclaimed to a passenger, "I've got power...I've got power!"

It is also about the incompetence of the Obama administration to carry out the mandate to protect American citizens.

They don't know how. They think this is how, but they are wrong. They don't know how.

I've read comments on other blogs by people who resign themselves to the scan/pat-down thinking that's what we have to do to be safe.

Such people do not understand either safety or liberty.

Freedom carries with it certain risks, and we must live with those risks or give up freedom. There are no other choices.

There are ways to minimize the risks of some Mad Muslim blowing up an airplane without sacrificing the freedom and rights of ordinary Americans. Mad Muslims tend to have a certain observable air about them.

Janet Napolitano needs to study the way Israel handles things at their airports, arguably the safest in the world.

But she won't...for two reasons: 1) she is too proud to learn from anybody, already knowing it all; and 2) we are in "America hates Israel" mode right now and therefore cannot use them as a model.

I was over at GeeeeeZ, reading what she posted on the subject of Muslim exemptions, and in the comments section I found two of the best suggestions for dealing with this I've seen yet.

One came from a blogger called beamish who said...

"I'd say if you're in line at the airport behind a Muslim female, pat her down yourself..."

The other came from a commenter who goes by the name of FrogBurger who said...

"...we should all dress in burqa, men and women, just for the time of going through the scanner. "

Both of these suggestions bring an amazing set of images to mind...too funny!

In the final analysis, though, since I refuse to be scanned to nakedness or fondled by some government (or private) goon, I'll just fly no more.


Quite Rightly said...

"Fly no more" is part of their goal. They want people like us to be as restricted as possible. But I'm with you on this nonetheless: I've been on the "Fly no more" program for quite a while now.

Joe said...

QR: Truth is, I don't have anywhere that I need to fly...but I wouldn't if I did.

Z said...

I loved FrogBurger's suggestion..fabulous!
(thanks for linking to me)

The problem is, Joe, that Al Qaeda WANTS us not to fly...they came out 2 days ago saying again, explicitly, that the purpose of the threats is to break down our economy.
Now they're going after cargo...next, it'll be trains or bombs in the middle of highways.
It's not FAIR to not fly if you need to fly ..it's WRONG that we feel like this.

I"m so tired of the once great America swatting at these awful flies ...we're protecting with by a media which whines all over the world if ONE AMERICAN MISSILE kills ONE innocent Iraqi, but let terrorists WANT collateral damage (the more the better) and our gov't can't even call them Jihadists or ISLAMISTS and the media says they're awful because they're poor or because we;re colonizing!!???....what next?

Leticia said...

I heard recently that the TSA Ceo is begging people not to boycott the air-lines.

Let's see him get groped and or have his naked a#% splattered on a view screen.

Not a bad idea if we all put on burkas while at the airport and just hand them off to the people at the next stop.

Ducky's here said...

"Call me homophobic"

Okay, you're homophobic.

Joe said...

Ducky! Thanks, man. I was beginning to think nobody would call me that.

I once went to a 7-11 store that had a sign in the front window that read, "Homo Milk $2.35." I told the clerk that it must have come from strange cows.

They were out of skim, so the clerk asked me if I wanted 2% milk. I said, "No, I want 98% milk."

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Lone Ranger said...

I haven't flown since 1992 when I returned from what turned out to be my last overseas tour. Even before Obama, I would rather drive for three days than be abused for three hours by the airlines.