Wednesday, November 10, 2010


There is talk among Republicans about not "rushing into" their mandate to slow the growth of government, balance the budget, extend the Bush tax cuts and other issues upon which their recent tsunamiesque win in the mid-term elections were based.

Governor Bob McDonnel of Virginia said, "I've heard some plans out there that say we're going to take eight years" to balance the federal budget. "I don't think the American people are going to wait eight years to balance the budget."


Republicans, if you don't take a firm, decided stand and fight for those and other issues, such as repealing Obamacare, you will not last!

We sent you to Washington to put people back to work by passing legislation to continue all of the Bush-era tax cuts, further reduce capital gains taxes, and push other specific plans to create jobs.

The American people saw the effects of President BO's agenda and revolted against it.

The president's agenda will destroy America as the land of the free, and will bring it down economically to a third world status.

But Republicans listen up!

If all you're going to do is to slow the demise of America, then we put you there for nothing.

This is not the time to fall back into politics as usual.

This is not the time to re-establish the "good old boy" network.

This is not the time to pretend that the Tea Party was some sort of fluke and that its members will not remember what they stood for during the campaign.

This is not the time to put self interests or home district interests ahead of the interests of the country.

This is the time to deliver on what you promised.

This is the time to do what we sent you to Washington to do.

Unless you just want to go home.

Because if you don't deliver, that's just where we'll send you.

Congressman John Boehner, and friends, you need to get on board with the right agenda, as do the rest of the Republicans.

Senator Lindsey Graham, and your fellow Republican senators, you need to do the same.

America needs you to put aside your penchant for compromising the wrong things and start doing what is right for the American people.

We are awake.

We are watching.

We are ready to act.

The time for action is now!


Xavier Onassis said...

You crack me up. You really do.

There is no "mandate". It's a mid-term election and the party in power lost. It happens every single time! Don't read so much into it.

The next two years will be filled with crazy people proposing crazy bills that even if they pass the House will never pass the Senate. And if they did the President would veto them.

The electorate will be scratching their heads and asking "How did we let those loons get elected? Let's not do that anymore."

In the meantime, the economy will recover, unemployment numbers will fall and Obama will get a 2nd term by a landslide.

Fredd said...

Joe: well, I appreciate XO's optimism. I hope he is correct in that the economy recovers.

If that happens as XO says, then he is right, Obama will win a second term. Landslide? Depends on how much of a recovery we get.

But, being the dumb student in Econ 101 who got a C-, I still recall some of the basics of macro ecomonic theory: you can't raise taxes in a recession and bolster the economy. Barry plans on letting the Bush tax cuts expire, and effectively raising tax rates on an ecomony with 9.6% unemployment, a 13 trillion dollar deficit, and the Fed is planning on printing money willy nilly with this QE2 madness, increasing inflation. Inflation hurts everyone, especially old folks who are on fixed retirment incomes, and see their fixed income shrink in value. Old folks vote. All of 'em. And there's more old folks in the electorate every day.

I see a mess at worst, or stagnation at best in two years.

A landslide in the 2012 election? I can see it. But it won't go Barry's way.

Joe said...

XO: Glad to amuse you. You can send your gratuity by check or money order.

As I laugh my head off in 2012, I'll return your tip.

The economic recovery WILL happen, but it will be abundantly clear that it will be in spite of President BO's policies and unemployment WILL fall...again through no fault of BO.

There WILL be a landslide, and BO will sit on the sidlines crying, "What just happened."

He has no clue. He is a rank amateur and sophomoric at best.

Joe said...

Fredd: If his downfall had not already been secured, high inflation will increase his comparison to Jimmy Carter, and he'll be wondering, "What just happened?"

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

If those democrats didn't get voted out the recession would probably have lingered for 10 years.
What would we expect from an anti-business president who thinks government is the center of the universe.
At least now Obama has to listen to republican ideas. You know like Clinton.

Leticia said...


They can't do anything right now, but come January we had better start seeing some new and much needed changes!

We are watching and we won't let up!

shoprat said...

There is some wisdom in being careful not to overplay your hand but underplaying it is not desirable either. We need to do as much as we can and that is a lot. And we have to make sure the Donks get put on the hotseat it they veto it.

tapline said...

Joe, Good Post...XO really has his head in the clouds or somewhere.....If Glenn Becks program has any credibility, we all better wake up and smell the roses, with what is happening here in the Good old US of A.......stay well......

Joe said...

Lisa: I hope we get to work getting these things straightened out...and the time to plan is now.

Leticia: Yeah, but it bothers me to hear some of them hedging on their promises before they even get started.

Shoprat: Again...the time for planning is now...planning to carry out the wishes of the people, not to abandon them.

Tapline: I think this is our last best chance.

ablur said...

Hey XO, Even if nothing moves forward from the house or the senate, we win. If BO can't move his agenda, the US can't fall further to 3rd world status. The House can set the tone and make the senate and President become the party of NO. As long as the house passes laws the conservatives who sent them like, even if they don't go no where, they will be cheered and encouraged to stay on while we fire those who stood against us again in 2012.
I saw a poll recently that put D's at 37%, R's at 41% and I's at 21%. The D's are starting to defect and the I's have seen the fate of Obama type policies and they don't want to go there. Looks like you will be circling the drain.

Joe said...

ablur: I love the expression "circling the drain."


Susannah said...

Hey Joe!
Leticia said, "They can't do anything right now, but come January we had better start seeing some new and much needed changes!"

MUCH needed changes...& we ARE watching, & we will NOT let up. Not a chance.

Susannah said...

Now is the time to be ONTO every move your Congressman(woman) or Senator makes. DO NOT let them make a move w/o hearing from you!!!