Friday, November 26, 2010


That's turkey soup, made from Thanksgiving Day left-overs.

It's delicious.

There is one problem.

I am so full that I could not eat it if I wanted to.

I may never eat again.

If you believe that, I have a bridge...

At any rate, I cannot begin to describe to you how much I over ate yesterday.

We were at my wife's mother and dad's (for those of you educated in government schools, that would be my in-laws) house for the Thanksgiving meal, and all we had was the most tender turkey I've ever eaten, delicious dressing, sweet potatoes, fancy green beans, salad, pickles, olives, assorted cheeses, and a half-dozen other goodies followed by both apple and pumpkin pie and ice cream.

So, never mind.

My mind is so sluggish I can't even begin to think about politics or the way other Americans might be living their lives.

So, if you're off today, have a relaxing day. If you are working, I hope your work helps to relieve the effects of yesterday's feast.

With (or without) your permission, I will wait until Saturday to post again.

I hope you can get by without me...I know I can.

Have a nice day.

See you Saturday.

In the mean time, enjoy this, which I got at Bread Upon the Waters:


Lisa said...

soup looks yummy Joe

Joe said...

Lisa: It is! Want some? I'll email it over to you as an attachment.

Susannah said...

Ooooooh! I'd love the recipe! Would you email it to me when you have a chance? Thanks!