Wednesday, November 17, 2010


If you are a regular reader here, you know that I am not a big Glenn Beck fan.

I don't disagree with his political, moral or social stances, I just don't relate to his style...especially on the radio.

But lately, as a conservative spokesman, he has risen in the ranks of liberal/progressives' vilified to their demonized.

They are particularly writhing in fury over his statements about George Soros, that kindly "philanthropist," who has, by his own statements, rejoiced in his ability to bring down economies.

So, let's play a little true/false game.

True or false: George Soros is from Budapest. Good job! That is true!

True or false: George Soros was a courier for the Jewish Council, the Nazi-established and Nazi-run organization that ran the Jewish community. So, how did you do? Turns out, that is true!

True or false: The Jewish Council was ultimately controlled by Adolf Eichmann, the man known as the "architect of the Holocaust." Oh, look! You are doing so well! That one is true, too!

True or false: George Soros' father was Tivadar Soros. Again...true!

True or false: Tivadar Soros wrote, "When systematic persecution of the Jews began," it was carried out not by the Germans, nor by their Hungarian lackeys, but—most astonishingly—by the Jews themselves. One of the first things the Germans did was to form a so-called Jewish Council, consisting of the leaders of the Jewish community. Council members were made personally responsible for the implementation of the various German measures relating to the Jewish population. As a reward, they, their families, and those who worked for them were exempted, at least at the beginning, from these restrictions... The Jewish Council carried out the German wishes far more conscientiously than the Germans could themselves." Well, guess what...this is true!

WOW! How are you doing so far?

Let's continue.

True or false: Tivadar also wrote, "As Jews couldn't go to school any more and their teachers couldn't teach, they were ordered to report to council headquarters. The children were enlisted as couriers under the command of their teachers. My younger son, George, also became a courier. On the second day, he returned home at seven in the evening.

"'What did you do all day?' 'Mostly nothing. But this afternoon I was given some notices to deliver to various addresses.' 'Did you read what they said?' 'I even brought one home.' He handed me a small slip of paper, with a typewritten message [a summons]. 'Do you know what this means?' I asked him. 'I can guess,' he replied, with great seriousness. 'They'll be interned.'" Whoo-whoo! That is true!

True or false: In the intro to his father's book, George Soros wrote, "It is a sacrilegious thing to say, but these ten months [of the Nazi occupation] were the happiest times of my life... We led an adventurous life and we had fun together." Another true!

True or false: George Soros also assisted in the collection of Jewish chattels -- clothing, furniture, and the like -- for shipment to Germany. Guess what...true!

True or false: During a 1998 60 Minutes interview, Soros admitted to the entire story without hesitation, He also stated that he felt no guilt about it. True again!

True or false: George Soros claims to be a benefactor to humanity. That's certainly true.

True or false: This is not the way a benefactor of humanity actually behaves. True!

True of false: The liberal/progressive left will present no facts about Soros' involvement with Nazis and/or the Adolf Eichmann camp, but will only scream, "Liars!" and "It never happened!"'s true. That's the only thing they know how to do.

True or false: The liberal/progressive left will continue to call Glenn Beck all sorts of names for his expose of Soros' past, his statements about his past and his lack of remorse for his past. True!

True or false: Glenn Beck is not the evil one here.

That's true, folks!

For more about Soros and the Soros/Beck story, you can visit here or here.


tha malcontent said...

Glenn Beck is calling George Soros what he rally is the Puppetmaster of Barack Obama a atheist, self hating antisemitic ex-Jew and dangerous man, and if anyone can't see that they are defying ignorance.

Lisa said...

A dubious character indeed. Evil is as evil does.
So what is the defintion of the democrat party today?
The Jewish Council?

BetteJo said...

It's amazing to me that one man can have so much power without people realizing. I hate the idea that he sees people as pawns and not human beings that matter.

Fredd said...

As the old saying goes, money is the root of all evil. Or words to that effect, and Soros Gyorg Ur(as they would call him in his native Magyarorszag) has got gobs of it and spends it on every evil program and cause he comes across.

Having said all of that, I am not enamored with the messenger, either, Joe; Glenn Beck has got the mannerisms of a bratty teenager, and simply does not come off as a serious analyst. Especially when he is on Bill O'Reilly, those faces he makes compel me to change the channel. And I agree with everything he says, just not the way he says it.

As Mark Levin once suggested, if Beck wants any credibility, he has to take off his clown nose.

Dave Miller said...

It is truly amazing the mental gymnastics one makes happen in his or her mind to justify whatever their actions when the alternative is seen as death.

It is one of the problems I regularly deal with in Mexico vis a vis the drug issue and corruption of local police forces.

tapline said...

Joe, Good Post, My wife will says she can't stand beck's antics, but the message is loud and clear....Do your homework!! His outing of Soros is right on....If it wasn't He would be off the air, with the power that money brings. Beck's message also that the "truth shall set you free" is right on.....What really strikes me as odd, is,,,,No other news outlet has picked up on all these changes going on is this country,,,Right under everyone's nose..... Watch for massive no fishing areas in the oceans surrounding the US by the EPA under the umbrella of "the clean air act"..because of over acidification (spelling)PH factor...stay well

tha malcontent said...

It's no secret that this Puppet Master Soros who is the 35th most richest man in the world has already brought Down the Bank of England. So why are people so shocked at the thought that he could do it here!

ablur said...

Beck's message is right on and desperately needed today. His over dramatization and crazy antics keep the subject from becoming too depressing and suicidal.
I personally can't stand all the emotionalism but I recognize that that is what is needed to turn this nation around. Look, all the persuasive and factual arguments in the world aren't doing any good. BO was elected on a wave of emotion and hype. Apparently 50% of our populace can be swayed by this. The facts screamed out "Unelectable", yet he is now our president.
Beck may be just the right messenger for our time.

Lisa said...

Soros is banned from entering France. He's a financial criminal and the left wing loons selectively ignore his criminal activities.
Now he's got 30 items on his agenda he wants Obama to ram through using Executive Power.
Is there any way to stop this thug?
I thought the Koch Brothers were supposed to be so powerful(according to the left)

Leticia said...

Glenn Beck nailed it. The Liberals are foaming at the mouth because they really cannot refute the truth.

Soro's is a dangerous man. He is heartless and cruel and may God have mercy on his soul for the atrocities that he has committed.

Joe said...

the malcontent: Indeed, Soros pulls the strings.

Lisa: That's pretty much it!

BetteJo: I tried getting that much power one time, but couldn't pull it off.

Fredd: Sometimes on his radio show, Beck gets to yucking it up with his cohorts & I have no idea what they're talking about or laughting about.

DM: What you said has the ring of truth to it...I'm just not certain what it was.

Tap: Beck's message is right on.

ablur: He certainly has a big audience!

Lisa: Soros is the essence of thuggery.

Leticia: Liberal/progressives just foam at the mouth naturally.

Z said...

(I don't much like him on the radio, either..funny you should say that)
Terrific post, Joe.
Check out who owns a big part of the body scanning machines at my place! SURPRISE Friday at midnight!!! (you will NOT believe it!)

Susannah said...

RE: Beck -- "His over dramatization and crazy antics keep the subject from becoming too depressing and suicidal."

Right on!