Thursday, November 4, 2010




Silverfiddle said...

It is the basis upon which our constitutional liberties rest, which is why liberals hate it and deny it has any meaning.

Good video.

Lisa said...

great video Joe. Of course liberals in all their infinite wisdom believe tat they are the higher power.
The Tea Party definitely was proof of defending our unalienable rights.

Thanks for posting ,it will come in handy.

Joe said...

Silverfiddle: I know they do, but I have never figured out WHY they hate the constitution so much.

Lisa: President BO proved yesterday in his press conference that although he said he got it, he really doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

As anyone knows there were hundreds of thousands of jobs being lost monthly, along with the Obsessive Regurgitation of "Great Depression " as Obama, would say, “created by George Bush” and the and fruitless Wars in the Middle East, the American People were far more emotional about in 2008 than they are now.

They have had 2 years of an Obama and a Democrat Congress and are smart enough to now know that the democrats have had the Congress for 4 years, where most of this Reckless Spending was done

The main stream Media will Attempt to paint this as an Angry, emotional and even irrational electric called the Tea Party...

But no, we are not... at least we are not irrational, angry yes!.
But now the worm has turned, the Tea Party has immersed to tell America that We are Mad as Hell and that we are NOT going to take it anymore. And we told them and they heard it loud and clear, and we the Conservatives have take control of the House and we kicked out the former landlord, Sieg Heil Pelosi.
There are a LOT of people out of work and it doesn't appear that any of the Obscene Spending that the democrats put into place has done a thing for those people... And so it started, the people got angry enough to vote these demagogues out. And start anew with a pary that hold promise to every free speaking citizen.

The people who helped Obama and the democrats win in 2008, specifically the young and uninformed didn’t save the man who promised Hope and Change, that game is over, he has been exposed as the liar he really is.
This whole bunch of young voters has wised up and now realizes that you can't promise things that you can’t deliver .
That was Obama’s first Mistake.
The second was to Ignore the People that gave him the power.
That along with the various Terrorist Attacks on our Soil since Obama that have taken American Lives like the one at Ft. Hood, and the ones that continue to be Attempted like we are seeing this pre-Election Weekend, and and you have "Meet the New Boss... Same as the Old Boss"... And the American People feel EXACTLY that way Today. They probably felt Safer under Bush 43.. There have been more Deaths on our Soil to Islamic Terror in Obama's 2 years than in all 7 years following 9/11 under Bush.
But I Think the biggest mistake they made was to Promise this Ambiguous Fix for Healthcare, leading MANY in their Constituency to Falsely Believe that they would be getting FREE Healthcare if they just Voted democrat...
Last Tuesday was our first Correction.
And after this Correction, the President will continue to do what he has been doing like going on Vacation after Vacation... Golf Course after Golf Course... And Partying with the likes of Paul McCartney while the People who put him in Office continue to Lose their Homes, Suffer and do without, more and more on a daily basis. And go to India with 3,000 people at a cost of 3 Billion dollars.
The next Correction will be in 2012 Keep up the good work, Barry!
You're next

Joe said...

Anonymous: I hope you are right about 2012. If the newbies do their jobs right, you should be right.

WomanHonorThyself said...

will come back to watch Joe..have a great weekend!

ablur said...

In the video a key issue was clearly pointed out. BO and his advisors destroyed contract law by the way they handled the auto industry. Bankruptcy law was destroyed as well. There has been a standard way of dealing with a business or individual that can no longer pay their obligations. BO ignored centuries of law to fulfill his dreams.
If both contract law and bankruptcy law can be voided with a stroke of the pen by this president, then no company is safe. He can pick and choose those to destroy with no consequence. What company would take risks in this environment? With that kind of power, what company could stand against it?

Bill Whittle is a great American.

Joe said...

WHT: It will be worth your time!

ablur: Sadly, Obama's dreams include the socialization of America...with him at the helm. Look for a push to postpone the 2012 elections.