Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Now wait...liberals and progressives favor legalizing drugs.

If fast food hamburgers are equal to drugs, why aren't liberals and progressives fighting to legalize fast food hamburgers? (Oh, wait...the're already legal. Liberals and progressives are trying to make them illegal. Legal drugs, illegal hamburgers. See the paragraphs below for more).

Just think of the advertising potential: "Have your fix today...your way at Burger King" and "You deserve a fix today at McDonalds."

This ad was produced by (who else)the Ad Council, a private, not for profit corporation, but its precepts are distinctly liberal/progressive "take some more liberties away."

Liberals and progressives are doing everything they can to take away individual choice and freedoms.

For instance: Santa Clara County is banning toys in Happy Meals, because the food is unhealthy. San Francisco considering similar measures to those taken in Santa Clara Co. New York state considered a soft drink tax (and subsequently squashed it). In Los Angeles' there is a moratorium on building new, stand-alone fast food establishments (can you say, "Help the recession...kill business).

Is there an obesity problem in the U.S.A.?

There is.

Should something be done about it?

Undoubtedly...but not by the government (which is not the source of this ad, only my interpolation of same).

A generation of parents grew up on fast food and have chosen to visit fast food restaurants at their kid's insistance.

They can't say "No" to their kids, because liberal/progressives told them it would damage their self images and hurt their psychies.

Now those self-same liberal/progressives want parents to somehow develop the power to say "No" to certain things, which the liberal/progressives are pleased to list for them.

I wonder what it's going to be like when this generation of obese kids grow up and get elected to public office, local, state and federal?

The feds will then no doubt include fast food as an individual right and include eating there as part of the Medicare budget.

Should be very interesting.


tapline said...

joe, where is the outrage??? This is not the governments job....Stay out of the kitchen...Fast Foods!!! watch out the vultures are circling over your establishment,,,looking to sue for making the kids fat...I see it coming....stay well...

Conservative16's News said...

Hey, I went to community college. Thats my excuse. What's theirs?
Whether it adds to the discussion or not, they're still a bunch of morons who only believe in socialism because someone told them it was a good thing.

Joe said...

Tap: There are vultures' shadows abounding as we speak.

C16N: Yep. Trace it all back to John Dewey, the progressive "educator."

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

The problem with academics is they think they can re-educate the rest of us.
What more would we expect from a bunch of lawyers making regulation to make lawyers more money so the Bar Association can kick it back to the democrats.
Same reason they didn't want Tort Reform and to Unionize the Health care system more kickbacks to their party not better health care or us.
Bipartisan My A**!

Joe said...

Lisa: Tort reform is one of the greatest needs in the country (other than changing who's in charge).

tammy said...

So take away cheeseburgers from our kids and give them drugs. Got it.

Joe said...

tammy: Hmmm. Not sure that was the exact message, but it's an interesting take.

Fredd said...

The basic tenet of this ad and other attempts to restrict our liberties is that we, the Great Unwashed (that would be you and me, Joe) are just too dang stupid to know how to feed our kids.

They (the really smart liberals who went to Sarah Lawrence, Swarthmore and any number of Ivy League schools) have so much more on the ball than we dumb rubes who all just fell off the onion truck, they are just trying to save us from our stupid selves.

That, and they can take that power to control what we eat, say, think and do to enrich themselves accordingly.

Liberalism: gotta love it (or else...)

Joe said...

Fredd: It's that "or else" that is evidence of their need for power.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what a mess my friend with Hussein steadily evicerating our Constitution!

Joe said...

WHT: He, and the liberal/progressives in general, have no respect for the constitution, believing that it can mean whatever they say it means.

ablur said...

Academics and real life don't even come close. One is all about theory and possibility. The other is all about getting it done right, right now.
I can't tell you how many times I challenged my professors with real world data that didn't fit their dream world.
There is the heart of the problem. BO has never had to apply himself to the real world and somehow believes his dream world thinking will work.

Joe said...

ablur: His theme song is: "Beautiful Dreamer, wake unto me..."