Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It was touted as the rally that would demonstrate the unity of the country and would show Glenn Beck what was what.

It was the "One Nation" rally, held at the same location as Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington DC.

MSNBC's Ed Schultz had bragged on his program that Beck's rally was "...no big deal..." and said that he could attract at least 300,000 people to a similar rally for the left.

So they held a "similar rally."

Expectations were for about 1,000,000 people, and if things went right, maybe 2,000,000.

One Mainstream Media organization had reported about 85,000 people had showed up at Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally.

So 2 million, 1 million, even 300 thousand would show the country how much more representative the political left is than the political right (never mind that Beck's rally was not conceived to be political).

Let's make a comparison, shall we?

Here is a photograph from the Huffington Post (an organization that would surely give the best possible light to the left...right?) of the "One Nation" rally:

Now here is a photo from about the same location of the Restoring Honor rally:

I submit that IF MSM was correct about there being 85,000 at the "Restoring Honor" rally, there must have been only 30 thousand at the "One Nation" rally.

I further submit that the truth is, according to the pictures, there were AT LEAST twice as many people at the "Restoring Honor" rally as there were at the "One Nation" rally...and I really think it was more like three times as many.

(For the record, judging from the number of heads counted in a given sized square and seeing how many of those squares would fit where the people are in the pictures, I really think there were more like 3-5 hundred thousand at the Beck rally...maybe more. But for the purposes of this post, let's just go with the interpolated figures given by the left...for the sake of discussion.)

My question is: can the left and progressives be honest enough to admit that compared to the "Restoring Honor" rally, the "One Nation" rally, in terms of attendance, was a total bust?

My answer: I doubt it. They will no doubt immerse themselves in rationalization, trying to explain the differences away.

The left and progressives have such a hard time being honest.

ADDENDUM: Here is the very brilliant Ed Schultz with his very brilliant assessment of the crowds at the two events. Thanks to Hot Air for this information.


Lone Ranger said...

There are only two kinds of liberals, the deceivers and the deceived. I am eagerly awaiting the Stewart/Colbert rally just a few days before the election. That's going to be a zoo. It will be so outrageous even the liberal media won't be able to lie about it. So, they'll ignore it.

Joe said...

LR: The liberal media has had enough practice to be able to ignore anything that might cast liberals in a bad light.

Lone Ranger said...

They're just about at the end of their rope. They are becoming increasingly irrelevant. That's why they hate Fox News so much. They can change their ways or go out of business.

Dave Miller said...

30000 is the exact number I have heard on the mainstream media Joe.

Since I don't listen to whatever the non mainstream media is, I cannot know what they are claiming.

I think it is important to note the difference between opinion media, and news media.

Folks like Olbermann and Schultz belong in the same catagory as people like Hannity and Limbaugh.

They are opinionators not newsmen.

I think that nuance get lost sometimes, especially on the left since the folks on FOX work for an organization named FOX News, which implies that everything they do is news, as opposed to news and opinion.

But again, 30k is exactly the number I heard...

Joe said...

DM: 30,000 is the number you heard for which group?

If nothing else, the pictures show that "Restore Honor" drew many more than "One Nation," regardless of the actual numbers.

My own estimate was based on counting a number of heads in a given square, and seeing how many squares are possible in places where there are people, allowing for the diminishing size of the squares as the distance from the front increases.

Fredd said...

Q: What's the difference between Louis Farakkhans' "Million Man March", the Stewart/Colbert rally and Beck's rally?

A: With both the Farakhan and Colbert rallys, the tons and tons of garbage left on the DC grounds vs the overestimation by the MSM of the crowd size is the complete opposite of the Beck rally.

The MSM reported a few measly thousand at the Beck affair when in fact their were more folks here than the two others combined, and yet after the 'Restore Honor' rally, you couldn't even find one lousy Mars Bar wrapper on the ground.

Dave Miller said...

It was either from FOX News Sunday, CNN, or NBC News.

I don't remember...

Teresa said...

I don't think liberals have the capacity to tell the truth.

Leticia said...

They will never, ever admit the truth it is beyond their comprehension.

But glad to see the conservatives came out and supported Glenn Beck. I would have been there if I was able to go.

I just live too darn far.

Z said...

Wait till you see a post I have ready to publish.........maybe tomorrow, JOe. UNBELIEVABLE and related to your excellent piece, here.
Just look at those PHOTOS!
What LIARS the Left media is.
I"m going to link this in my piece now..thanks!

Dave, for pete's sake, look at the pictures! Does it look to YOU like the leftwing gathering pulled in as many as Beck's rally? :-)

Joe said...

Fredd: Numerous times I have put up pictures of Tea Party grounds after an event and liberals' grounds after one of their events. There literally is no comparison. But the liberals deny that. They cannot see the truth when it smacks them in the schnoz.

DM: CBS estimated 87,000. As I said, I did my own count...you can do yours, too, if you're willing to take the time.

Teresa: Whatever they make up IS the truth, according to them.

Leticia: We were well represented.

Z: Liberals would remind us to be certain to count the participants hiding in the trees...you know: the ones that haven't "evolved" out of their tails yet. They also include roaches, spiders and chinch bugs in their count.

Joe said...

DM: Think 9th grade ratio and proportion.

Lisa said...

They're propagandists.

Janie Lynn said...

And as I said in one of my posts - there were over 400 groups endorsing or involved in putting that liberal rally together. One of them was Organizing for America, Obama's zombie army.

The restoring honor rally - Glenn alone was the draw.

There is no comparison.

Joe said...

Janie Lynn: The liberals see everything through their fertile socialist imaginations.

tammy said...

One Nation Rally = FAIL

But that's a good thing.

Dave Miller said...

Z and Joe... as it has been widely reported that the Beck event drew, I believe about 90000, and I affirmed your number of 30K for the One nation event, and even said I had heard it on the mainstream media, how much more honest can I get?

Joe said...

DM: I'm not saying you were dishonest...not at all. My whole point in the post was, just as you illustrated, that although Ed Schultz had bragged that he could out draw Beck, it didn't happen.

Yet he continues to proclaim that it did...even today!