Thursday, October 7, 2010



The leftist/progressives like to deride conservatives for exposing President BO’s socialist leanings. We get called all sorts of names and are spoken to as though we are ignorant idiots (one of the names we’ve been called by those who claim to hate name calling).

I am not ignorant, and when a leftist/progressive calls me that (or whatever other names they may use), I am not affected by it because my self esteem is not determined by their opinion of me. Rather it comes from having learned to succeed in the endeavors of my life.

Recently, at a meeting of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Harvard (note the school) economist Martin Feldstein pressed Obama to keep all the Bush-era tax cuts, not just the middle-class cuts the president wants to extend.

Here is how the exchange went (according to MARK S. SMITH Associated Press Writer):

WASHINGTON — Intending to talk about colleges and worker training, President Barack Obama on Monday suddenly found himself in a spirited, election-year debate with a business advisory group about whose tax cuts should be extended and for how long.
Feldstein pressed Obama to keep all the Bush-era tax cuts, not just the middle-class cuts the president wants to extend.
"That would give a boost to confidence," Feldstein declared. SEC Chairman William Donaldson added that an extension would allay business and consumer uncertainty.
Obama replied that his stand would benefit 98 percent of American taxpayers. "You'd think (that) would provide some level of certainty," he said.
Obama also reiterated his view that top-income tax brackets would do little to boost the recovery, since the wealthy aren't holding off buying flat-screen TVs and other big-ticket purchases for lack of a tax cut. Plus, he said, those tax cuts are unaffordable.
"If we were going to spend $700 billion, it seems it would be wiser having that $700 billion going to folks who would spend that money right away," he said.

At the American Thinker, Keith Riler has written:

The President basically said that not to increase taxes on small businesses and individuals making over $250,000 is equivalent to spending money on those businesses and individuals.

This is an extreme concept and one that is best understood by analyzing it personally. Everyone understands that when I "spend" money on a charity or at the grocery, the implication is that I am using my money to make a contribution or to buy chips and beer.

The President clearly believes differently, that my paycheck does not begin its life as mine, from which taxes are taken. Rather, he believes that my paycheck begins life as his, from which residual amounts are beneficently granted to me for living expenses. He clearly believes that the yet untaxed portion of my paycheck is still his, to be "spent" on me at his discretion.

This is revolutionary. This is Marx and Chavez, and it is a stunningly honest admission of President Obama's worldview.

It is also very like what is happening in Great Britain.


Ginsu said...

Can't say he didn't tell you, who he is and what he wants to do.
Don't look back later and say "How did this happen?"

tha malcontent said...

This is very obvious to anyone who has eyes, except the lefties.
Last week, a liberal blog went ga-ga
over the subject that I wrote about.
But the libruls aren’t gonna be happy come next month.
Then lets see who rolls their eyes!

Z said...

isn't that remarkable? Yes, to a socialist, anything is HIS to give to whom HE deems needy. Forget hard work and success, folks......if the poor need your money thru the government commanded help, they're going to GET your money.
Joe, have there really been scarier times in AMerica?

ablur said...

In BOs world the poor in America have no chance and must be supported. He fails to notice that the support reduces the drive therefore it becomes self fulfilling.

In reality, all people who strive in America have an equal (I believe, above average) chance for success due to the very nature of man's determination not to fail. If failure is removed as an option, the drive and success is removed as well.

Conservative16's News said...

When the DemocRATS Lose, it's always because of those Ignorant Racist Crackers.

tha malcontent said...
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tha malcontent said...
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Lisa said...

the party of "progandists" has always been good at their so called "sympathy",but those halos are really horns in disguise.

Joe said...

Ginsu: Even some of his most ardent supporters didn't hear what he was saying.

tha malcontent: Lefties' rose colored glasses have gottne to dark for them to see anything.

Z: I cannot think of any time in our history that was scarier, except maybe the day Pearl Harbor was attacked.

ablur: Whatever we do, we must NOT teach them to fish.

C16'2N: Well, I'm not ignorant and I'm not racist, but I AM a proud Florida Cracker (a name originating from the sound of the whips used to drive Florida cattle in the right direction).

Comment Deleted (X2): Bye!

Lisa: We can't even see the halos any more.

Leticia said...

That video was alarming. Obama, at least, in this issue stated his support of socialism, and has never retracted his words.

I cannot believe Americans would risk losing their freedom. Those signs represent slavery to me and being kept under by a vicious dictator.

If they are so motivated to be socialists, I will gladly help them pack their belongings and boot them out of America.

Joe said...

Leticia: Most Americans have lost (or have never been taught) the concept of individual freedom.