Friday, October 8, 2010


(The embedding for this video has been disabled. You can watch it HERE).

I just don't know what there is left to say. Anjem Choudary is a Muslim cleric and here he admits that Islam's fate is world domination.

Do you need more evidence?


What is wrong with you?

Note: I have posted a set of three videos for tomorrow. Watch one a day, or watch them all at once, and I'll see you on Monday. I have to go back in for atrial fibrillation ablation (different from the last procedure) tomorrow.


BetteJo said...

I've seen that guy before. He loves to poke us in the eye with his - we're going to win and own you one day stuff. Unfortunately he is an educator over there. You can just imagine what he teaches his students.

Prayers for you Joe, your procedure must go absolutely perfectly - we need your voice. God-speed.

(any heart stuff scares me)

Quite Rightly said...

Praying for you, Joe, and for your wife.

Tapline said...

No one will listen to his warning...Joe, prayers go out to and my God guide the surgeon's hands....Amen.....

Lisa said...

All the best Joe. Will keep you in my prayers.

ablur said...

Should we or should we not be looking for those who desire peace as Muslims?

One group will point to the Koran and show its love and lust for violence. While another group will claim this to simply be stories of color to emphasis a point. They will use some of the more colorful passages from the bible as examples.

Now I have only seen a small handful of Muslims who have denounced or stood against those who are pursuing the path of destruction. Perhaps those who seek violence out number those who seek peace. I see no other alternative.

God speed and protection to you.

Ginsu said...

Fundamental islam seeks peace only if you submit to their law. They profess to seek to rule the world in the name of a vengeful merciless god, one who demands human sacrifice as a ticket to paradise.
Make peace if you wish, but for me and my house...

Joe said...

BetteJo: He pokes us a lot, doesn't he?

QR: Thanks...I'm home, now. I feel like I've been run over by a truck, but I'm recovering well.

Tapline:Thank you.

Lisa: and you

ablur: I have interacted with some of those "peaceful" Muslims, and when challenged they aren't so peaceful.

Thanks for the prayers.

Gensu: "Fundamental islam seeks peace only if you submit to their law." Exactly!

Lisa said...

And if we speak out against this we are made to fell like the criminal.
I hope we all find our voices before we have none.

Joe said...

Lisa: Numbers of his staff have told us that those who disagree are either criminals or "unAmerican."

Leticia said...

Praying everything goes very smoothly and zero complications.

The man is warning us and no one seems to take the threat seriously.

I for one, believe he will follow through if given the chance.

Joe said...

Leticia: I'm home and doing quite well. Thank you for your prayers.

He is the most dangerous man in America.