Monday, October 11, 2010


For over two years and in many posts I have tried to point out to liberals in particular and my readers in general that President BO is just plain incompetent.

He is, in fact, a sophomore masquerading in PhD attire.

He does not like, nor does he understand the Constitution, he does not know what to do about the economy, his math skills are suspect such that he believes that if you spend more you'll have more (as in, "I have $100.00...I'll spend $150.00...therefore I'll end up with $200.00).

Now even the left is beginning to recognize his ineptitude.

Mark Halperin senior political analyst for Time has written a piece in which he says just what I've been saying all along. (I'm more observant than he is, of course, because I said it long ago.)

Here are some excerpts:

"With the exception of core Obama Administration loyalists, most politically engaged elites have reached the same conclusions: the White House is in over its head, isolated, insular, arrogant and clueless about how to get along with or persuade members of Congress, the media, the business community or working-class voters. This view is held by Fox News pundits, executives and anchors at the major old-media outlets, reporters who cover the White House, Democratic and Republican congressional leaders and governors, many Democratic business people and lawyers who raised big money for Obama in 2008, and even some members of the Administration just beyond the inner circle.

"...Obama has exacerbated his political problems not just by failing to enact policies that would have actually turned the economy around, but also by authorizing a series of tactical moves intended to demonize Republicans and distract from the problems at hand.

"...In the past few days, we have witnessed the spectacle of the President himself and his top advisers wading into allegations that Republicans are attempting to buy the election using foreign money laundered through the Chamber of Commerce, combining with Karl Rove and his wealthy backers to fund a flood of negative television commercials. Not only is this issue convoluted and far-fetched, but it also distracts from the issues voters care about, frustrating political insiders and alienating struggling citizens..."

It is time to recognize the truth about President BO: While he is intent on moving the country toward socialism (in spite of the left's denial of same), he really does not have the foggiest notion about what to do about the country's woes.

This past Friday, Obama said, "Putting the American people back to work, expanding opportunity, rebuilding the economic security of the middle class is the moral and national challenge of our time."

I've lost count of how many times he has made this and similar pronouncements, but pronouncements accomplish exactly nothing.

Yet he keeps pronouncing, and pronouncing and pronouncing.

People...listen up!

President BO does not know what he is doing!

He was ill prepared to be president when he ran, and he has just gotten more and more confused and confusing as he has struggled to figure out how to implement his insidious agenda.

That's not a bad thing.

Too much of his agenda has already been put in place and must now be reversed.

If we do not change course with the November elections, we are headed for societal collapse.

Author, Gore Vidal has said that he believes dictatorship is around the corner for America.

We are the only ones who can change that.

Let's do it!

For the sake of our posterity, let's do it!

ADDENDUM: Linda provides this link where Obama admits his lack of experience and knowledge to become president.


ablur said...

We have been pointing to the inability of BO long before he gained the title of president. As hidden as his past has been kept, what has come out has only bolstered positions against him.
As hard as BO and staff has worked to keep his past hidden, you have got to believe what has gotten out is only stuff they expect to keep him in a positive light. If this is the best he had to offer, we are in deep sh.....
Our only hope is to build a strong congress with constitution minded individuals who truly love our nation. If that is what we assemble in DC, hope will finally be achieved.
That isn't the end. We will still need to stay on their case and keep our views in front of each representative. It is going to take four or five elections to clean house and get everyone focused on the purpose and direction of "We The People".

Silverfiddle said...

A smart president can survive despite dumb advisers, and a dumb president can survive with smart advisors. Unfortunately, we are looking at dumb and dumber...

Joe said...

ablur: "... four or five elections..."

That's what's so scary about where we've come.

Silverfiddle: Dumb and dumber just gives them too much credit.

ablur said...

We are going to have to do some serious house cleaning. We will need to sort out the pretenders.

We also need to look at the bureaucracy that has been built. It will take time to clean this out as well.

We need two elections just to prove we are here to stay and we won't take it any longer.

Linda said...

He is indeed too inexperienced...listen to his own words...

Janie Lynn said...

We are going to take it back. It's our house. And we won't get complacent and trusting again. If there is one thing Obama has done - it is to wake the sleeping giant that is the American people who will never be apathetic again. No one will ever get this close to leading our country away from liberty again. Never!

Joe said...

ablur: We are to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people, not a people of the government, by the government and for the government.

Linda: Great Video. I will provide a link to it on my post!

Janie Lynn: I pray you are correct!

Mark said...

He is also immature. It is childish to blame the problems you create on others, yet, that is essentially what he's been doing since he began implementing his policies.

Joe said...

Mark: You are so right. He IS childish. Most liberal/progressives are.

Anonymous said...

Well Joe, the Newest Fox Poll that I read this morning states that in Ohio the approval rate for Obama is 36% . And it is 54% for any Republican.
So it seems that you are correct.

Joe said...

GZ: Hopefully, things are looking up!

Scotty said...

Not to worry, Time Magazine as will others will rally around Obama when the elections come about in 2012. They may be angry with him at the moment but, that doesn’t mean the love affair is over…..

I am cautiously optimistic for this November, knowing that the same people that elected those we stand against are still out there. Knowing that fact, doesn’t give me the confidence others seem to have.

ablur said...

Joe - Yes, we are in charge by our own constitution. Unfortunately, we have passed off our authority to others without consequence for so long, they fail to take us seriously. We have allowed ruling classes to be established in our nation. This is clearly evident by some of the comments we have heard in recent years. ie: That seat belongs to Ted Kennedy.
I really hope that the current rise of the people is long lived and constitutionally minded.

The real problem with our government is the vast layers of bureaucracy that has been created year after year. Just like an onion, it will take time and dedication by both the elected and the electorate to resolve these problems.

Joe said...

Scotty: They had to abandon their liberal/progressive line just enough to keep from losing even more readers. But you're right. They'll be back on their normal course by November.

ablur: As far as the liberal/progressive is concerned, the seats, the jobs, the rules, the lives of people...they all belong to the government.

Fredd said...

This pretender will get his, and he is just now beginning to understand what it's like to feel rejection: a first in his arrogant life.

To the end, though, he will fight it like he fought all his other battles: dirty. We'll see if it's enough to overcome the hole he has dug for himself.

Joe said...

Fredd: To me he is beginning to sound like a little child who is trying to get his way. I hope he is only a memory by whatever legal means possible.

Susannah said...

"If there is one thing Obama has done - it is to wake the sleeping giant that is the American people who will never be apathetic again. No one will ever get this close to leading our country away from liberty again. Never!"

Oh my...I hope so, my dear...I hope so...

Joe said...

Susannah: I hope Jamie Lynn is right...and you, too.