Friday, October 1, 2010


Vernon Baker was a special man. He was the last surviving black winner of the Medal of Honor from WWII.

After their commander deserted, Baker had rallied the black troops and captured a German stronghold in Italy.

It was more than 50 years before he received his Medal of Honor.

He was recently buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

By invitation, his widow, Heidy, and grandson, Vernon Pawlik, visited the White House for a special tour, what should have been a wonderful experience in their lives.

The grandson, Vernon Pawlik arrived wearing a T-shirt with a picture of his honored grandfather on it and a pair of shorts.

Citing the “inappropriateness” of the attire, the family was turned away by a White House staffer.

"This is an unfortunate misunderstanding," White House spokesman Adam Abrams said Thursday. "We would have loved to have hosted 10-year-old Vernon and his family at the White House and we have reached out to the Baker family and Lt. Norris to communicate our deep regret and invite them back to the White House."

These things happen when amateurs are in charge.


Lone Ranger said...

Problem is, the family can't afford to go back. The Obama economy, dontcha know.

Leticia said...

That is pretty pathetic and sad. I am not surprised. The whole lot of them working or living in the White House are useless.

I wouldn't go back, not ever.

Joe said...

LR: What? I thought things were improving. Isn't that what The One told us?

Leticia: They can't be explained except by the word "incompetence."

BJ said...


BJ said...

I think the Obama Family in the white house is a joke myself.

Susannah said...

What a pathetic excuse for an administration. The man whose grandson was turned away was clearly a man of honor & great courage. The man who is in the White House does not deserve to shine his shoes, were he still walking the earth. sorry. ugh.