Thursday, August 5, 2010


Look, there’s plenty to HATE about the “new” Health Care legislation, HR-3962, "Affordable Health Care for America Act" and its partner, HR-4872, "Reconciliation Act of 2010," that contains 153 pages of “fixes” to the apparently broken Health care bill.

Real estate sales will be taxed 3.8%.

The bill will limit the deduction on medical expenses to amounts above 10 percent of income starting in 2013. Currently, the deduction floor is 7.5 percent of income.

I could go on, but that’s not the point of this post.

The point of this post is that we conservatives must be interested in real truth, not “truth that becomes real because, and only because, we say it is true, regardless of whether it actually is or not.”

That is the technique of liberals. It should not be our technique.

There is an e-mail going around that says that the value of your new health care will be added to and counted as income on your W-2 beginning in 2012.

This is only half-true.

The value will appear on employees’ W-2 forms for information purposes, but will not be considered taxable income…yet.

So just why is this being added to W-2’s?

My experience with the feds is that once something makes it to my W-2 “for the sake of information,” it is only a matter of time before it becomes taxable.

Let’s be “the glass is half full” people and assume that initially the value of your health care will not be counted as income and taxed.

Then why list it at all?

Who benefits from the additional listing?

One thing we know for certain: if the government tells you they are going to do something or that they are not going to do something, you can trust them to be honorable and do or not do what they say they will do or not do.

A lot like Candidate Obama telling us that there will be no additional taxes on people earning under $250,000.00, while President BO is pushing to allow the Bush tax cuts to go away, resulting in a tax increase on almost everyone.

“But that’s not a tax increase!” scream the incredibly stupid liberals.

Yes…it is. It results in us paying more taxes.

More means increase.

It’s sort of like when my wife comes home with some new, expensive and largely unneeded item and brags that she saved me a bunch of money.

If she saved me money, how come my bank account went down?

So, go ahead. Trust the government not to get around to taxing the value of your health care “benefit.”



lisa said...

they can't keep their grubby little hands of the wallets of the peasants because they know best.
Unfortunately any business owner I talk to feels differently.
You know those stupid people who create jobs and run companies.
But the indoctrinated ones are soooo much smarter than those business people.

Joe said...

lisa: They are idealogues whose sophomoric theories they are ready to "test," as if they had never been tried and failed before.

Z said...

Remember PJ O'Roarke's statement of probably 15 years ago? "If you think your health care is expensive NOW, wait till it's FREE"
He was a prophet.

tapline said...

Joe, Of course it's going to be taxed......Plan for a lifetime for your retirement and with the stroke of a pen everything changes....So much for the Change......We can only hope that the Black Robes come through, However with that crowd,,,only God kknows what they will speak to......stay well......

Silverfiddle said...

I hope the GOP gets enough congressmen in so that they can block implementation (defund) this statist horror show.

WomanHonorThyself said...

big government..UGH! HAVE A BLESSED WEEKEND my friend!:)))

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how the liberals aren't even commenting? They can't argue with the facts, and they can't call you racist again, so they're nowhere to be found.

{crickets chirping}

Joseph Hertzlinger said...

the liberals are insulting us because they have nothing else...
As for your "friends" "comments" Thanks Sue and your gang, for confirming that those Insults from the Left, are from YOU!

Joe said...

Z: Free health care? Who'd a thunk it?

Tapline: We know the Dems are very taxing.

Silverfiddle: You got that right!

WHT:, too.

Anon: They like it better when I attack President BO's philosophy, instead of facts about him.

JH: They are empty...without form...and void.

Mark said...

I've said it over and over and over again:

You cannot save money by spending money.

When my wife sees something "on sale" she says, "look how much money we can save!"

I say, "If we don't spend any money on it at all, look how much more money we can save, and if we put that same amount of money into an interest earning savings account, notice how we not only save that money, but we earn more to boot."

I don't see the logic in the "spend money to save money" argument.

Joe said...

Mark: As Tina Turner asked, "What's logic got to do with it?"

Hmmm. Maybe that's not exactly what she asked, but close enough.