Friday, August 6, 2010


Thanks, and a tip 'o the hat to Snaggletoothie.


lisa said...

this is why I like conmservative blogs,they make so much sense. Thanks for that video Joe,it will be used well by me.

Joe said...

Good, good, good!

Anonymous said...

The Obama administration along with the pathetic left are doing their best to TEAR THE COUNTRY APART.
Just look at the liberal Blogs out there and the outrageous things they are saying.

Anonymous said...

Great post. You talk about "Tearing the Country apart" I say that the unions have to take a lot of the blame for that as well as Mr. Obama. The unions have a strangle-hold on the legislature in states like in New York, preventing Missouri from participating in the economic expansion that has taken place throughout the South. Why locate your business in New York, when you can find much more favorable conditions in Arkansas or Tennessee? But we'll all sleep better paying higher prices for goods and knowing that the union members aren't being taken advantage of! There are other reasons unions are a bad idea, too. Like the fact that by artificially raising wages beyond the value of the work done, you create/support a black market of cheap labor, which is currently being exploited by illegal immigrants and other "under the table" employment. Also, unions take away a person's ability to make his or her own employment decisions. If the union wants to strike, but the individual is happy with the current situation, s/he has to, as a union member, strike anyway. Likewise, if the individual is disgruntled, but the union is happy, the union will not support the individual in seeking individual gains.
Bottom line: if you don't like your job, talk to your boss. If a compromise cannot be reached, quit and find another job. You as an individual are more disposable to a union than you are to a business who relies on your skill to produce its product.
Back in the 40's and 50's the unions were a good thing, but they are outdated and should go away. We don't need them any longer, unless you are a Commie or a Lib! The problem is the accumulation of power that most probably offends the right.

That being said, I am sure there are good, honest liberals somewhere, even if I can't find any. I fear many cannot see the Obama agenda for what it is.

Joe said...

JJ: Right you are. BTW: Good name.

David Wyatt said...

Bro. Joe: Tremendous.

Sheilah said...

I get so sick of you ignorant dip-sh people making these very uneducated comments against President Obama and his family. If you would take time to read, study, and prepare your minds with education as he did, maybe you would have something positive to contribute to society. President Obama and First Lady Michelle came from working class families that decided that education was the way to get ahead in life. They studied, went to college and law school and prepared themselves for the destiny that God had for them. If you would do the same and apply yourselves maybe you would have something intelligent to say. This man got into an office that had 8 years to be jacked up and you common people won't even take time to pray a prayer that God will lead him to make the best decision at the time. He deserves a vacation with his family just as the previous presidents. If your man Bush hadn't left this country in a mess, then we wouldn't be in this mess. So stick the blame on the man where it should be, Bush. It;s not time to point fingers and lay blame. It's time for this country who has forgotten about God, to put God back int front of us, live according to how the Bible instructs us, then and only then will we see any changes in this country and world. Believe it or not it has nothing to do with President Obama. God is the one in charge and He has the final say so. So think about that when you make more ignorant comments. You should think about if it was you how you would want people to treat you and your family. God Bless you because He is the only one who can.

Tom's Place said...

Great find on the video, Joe.

As far as Sheilah's comment, I look at the politicians of both parties for landing the country in the mess its in using the "broken window fallacy" as policy.

Silverfiddle said...

Sheilah: The video is based on the teachings of Frederic Bastiat, but being such an educated, high-minded person, you knew that already.

Bush is to blame because of his anti-free market policies, the same ones Obama is stupidly putting into overdrive.

Please provide some shred of evidence that Obama is this brilliant man everyone claims he is. He's argued no court cases (he and Michelle actually surrendered their law licenses), he's solved no great problem or formulated a brilliant theory...

He's accomplish nothing besides fooling some of the people one time!

Even his writings were egotistical, self-serving twaddle aimed only at self-aggrandizement.

Finally, your unhinged and illogical tirade is a perfect example of liberalism today.


The idiotic liberal Mayor of New York Bloomberg, in his pathetic address today, said New York City would make sure nobody was profiled in the future. Heaven forbid we suspect the very people sworn and actually attempting to kill us! But the idiotic Mayor Bloomberg has no problem telling chipmunk face Katie Couric he thinks it was a tea party member! Yet, he cannot find one instance of a tea party member trying to kill thousands because they are upset with ObamaCare. They must let anyone be a billionaire these days!
Liberals will continue down this politically correct path to destruction until America is hit with a devastating attack or attacks and they finally must confront the face of death from the religion of murder, Islam. Until that time, conservatives are the only enemy of the left. To liberals, Muslim terrorists are brothers in arms against the real enemy of both groups…America. Both believe America is inherently evil and must be destroyed. But liberals are stupid enough to believe the terrorists won’t come for them.
I am not ashamed nor shy to call Islam my enemy. Muslims do not hold the same values or love of liberty that I do. Their religion preaches hate and conquest.

Joe said...

Sheila: Right...Bush's diploma from Yale proves he has neither the intelligence nor the stick-to-itiveness to be an intelligent person.

My education at Stetson University proves that I am stupid, too.

Only President BO, whose grades, transcripts and phoney Harvard Law Review "leadership," has an education that counts.

"So stick the blame on the man where it should be, Bush. It;s not time to point fingers and lay blame."

Are you too uneducated to see the immediate contradiction of your own comments?

You think like President BO: illogically and without direction.

He, if left to his sophomoric philosophies of governance, will bring this country to its knees, not in prayer, but in subjection to despotism.

I DO, however, believe it is time for our country to turn back to God...not the generic god of Islam, Hinduism, etc., but the God of Creation who gave himself a ransom for many that anyone who will can come to Him in faith believing in, and only in, His finished work at Calvary, can receive His gife of eternal life.

Mark said...

"So stick the blame on the man where it should be, Bush. It;s not time to point fingers and lay blame."

I can't believe those two statements ran consecutively.

What is Sheilah using for brains? Obama's diploma?

Joe said...

DW: Thanks, my friend.

TP: I don't give any of them a pass.

Silverfiddle: She fits all 25 of the characteristics of a liberal.

B&SYWL: "..liberals are stupid enough to believe the terrorists won’t come for them." Their rose colored glasses are very, very thick.

Mark: Did they actually give him a diploma? Is it like the "birth certificate" they gave him?

WomanHonorThyself said...

thanks Joe..we better hold on to whats left of our nation eh!

ablur said...

Wow! I was reading along and then BAM, ignorance without measure. Contradictions and confusion were in every sentence. I would laugh but this is the kind of circular illogic that got us into the mess we are in.

Stay the course. Keep laying down the facts. Some will come around and will be saved. They will in turn help save us all in November.

Perhaps not, November will serve as a way to disarm the liberal sinking of America. It is going to take more then that to actually save her. I hope people don't go bac to their naps after the election.

Joe said...

ablur: The November goal should be to establish sound, conservative fiscal leadership to the country. RINOs will not get the job done. We must elect Constitutional Conservatives or we will miss our chance to save the nation.

I Speak My Mind Out said...

As for the building of a mosque at the foot of Ground Zero. They’re doing it to test the will of the American people. They know what happened just a few blocks away, and they know they’re pissing off lots of people and being insensitive. But Islam isn’t about sensitivity. It’s about taking over where ever they can.
It's an "in your face you infidel scum" slap in our face!

lisa said...

I love the way liberals throw around the word'educated' like it gives them the freedom to pass bills so we can find out what's in them and Obama saying the health care bill is not a tax out of one side of his mouth and a few months later saying it is a tax.
Or the fact that he visited "57" states. I guess he had that confused with the 57 Arab states.
He's so smart yet his college records are sealed.
Now that is leadership we can all be confident about.
It's not about all their corruption and bad policy,it's about race.
The media lies and the liberals swear to it like gospel.

lisa said...

An afterthought-Ever wonder why the the so-called self proclaimed 'educated' party always target 'uneducated ' people for votes?
Because the educated people see what they are up to and expose their lies and corrutption.

Joe said...

ISMMO: I can only think of one reason why Islam would be favored over America, and it has to do with the bent of leadership.

lisa: President BO heads the most opaque administration in the history of the universe. He hides everything. I wonder why?