Friday, August 20, 2010


I first saw this at Bread Upon the Waters:

Please also visit this post at Woman Honor Thyself.

Here is my comment in response to Beckel on WHT:

Let’s see how Beckel gets over it when Islam has seized control of our country after the building of their victory mosque. Let’s hear Beckel shout, “Get over it,” when the executioner’s axe comes down on the neck of some woman who appeared in public with a man other than her husband, or when a woman is stoned in America for not wearing her berka, or when he, himself, is facing Islamic execution for having been “an American.”

I’m not wishing it on him or us, I am predicting what will be in twenty years or so if we continue to allow Islam to celebrate their victories with monuments at their victory sites…think Spain.

I won’t be here to say, “I told you so…so I’m saying it now.”


Quite Rightly said...

Thanks for the link, Joe.

Bill Whittle is a braniac patriot. Bob Beckel hasn't the brains God gave macaroni, or the spine, either.

He could care less whether woman are stoned to death or little girls are locked in burning school buildings because they can't be permitted to escape without their burqas.

Like another man said, when the time comes, Beckel will just be growing a beard.

ablur said...

Bill Whittle, yet again, hits the nail on the head. His clear thinking and reasonable delivery of the message resonates well with all true Americans.

George Bush may have been an idiot to all the liberals, but he knew enough to know when to act. Obama only knows how to cower.

Joe said...

QR: Maybe so, but I don't think they plan to let any of us live, even Beckel.

ablur: That's because he is a cowerd (sp).

Z said...

Whittle ROCKS...I got to meet and talk with him a couple of years ago and I see him from time to time. We need a million more like him

Tom's Place said...

I have always enjoyed Bill Whittle's posts and videos. He gets to the heart of the issues with pin-point accuracy with facts - something the touchy-feely crowd does not like.

Joe said...

Z:He DOES rock, doesn't he?

TP: Facts only serve to confuse their pre-drawn conclusions.