Monday, August 23, 2010


Our first African-American president claims to have been born in Hawaii, but he is living in the Bush.

Bob Cusack, writing for The Hill, reminds us that on July 14, 2009 President BO said, “Now, my administration has a job to do, as well, and that job is to get this economy back on its feet. That's my job. And it’s a job I gladly accept. I love these folks who helped get us in this mess and then suddenly say, ‘Well, this is Obama’s economy.’ That’s fine. Give it to me. My job is to solve problems, not to stand on the sidelines and carp and gripe.”

Yet this summer he has repeatedly blamed George W. Bush for the nation’s economic woes.

Now here is my question: At what point in time will President BO assume responsibility for what happens during HIS administration?

He was going to be the GREAT FIXER.

For instance, he said he would be able to restrict unemployment to around 8%.

Of course, they did not know how badly it had been wounded by those horrible Bush people (no offense to those who live in the African bush...I mean the previous administration).

Well, why did they not know?

They claimed to be the smartest politicians since Julius Caesar. Shouldn't they have known?

Was George W. Bush so smart that he was able to out-smart President-elect Obama, even though he (Bush) was ridiculed for being stupid?

Look, I'm not full of fond memories of GW. You never read a post on this blog proclaiming him as the most brilliant of men, who led this country well.

Here's the thing. The country is NOT better off than when President BO took office. Banks are being closed, housing values continue to plummet, high unemployment continues, soldiers are still being killed in Iraq...even after we have begun withdrawing...and small businesses are collapsing, unable to make payroll or hire new workers.

As predicted on this blog, government bail-outs have not stopped any of these things, the Gulf states are still in a mess and illegal immigration has not been curbed.

Isn't it time to take the proverbial bull by the horns, accept responsibility for what is happening in the country today, and to stop the (to use President BO's words) “carp and gripe” routine?

If it is not yet that time, when will that time come?

When do we stop living in the Bush?


lisa said...

2 words Joe:
"Reckless"meaning I am going to fundamentally transform America no mater how much worse people are because of it


"arrogant"-I don't care what the people want. I have all the power and the people are going to do what I want them to do.

If anyone believes anything this man pretends to be for they are delusional. I for one am not fooled by him.
He was correct though in saying this will be the most transparent admin in history because I can see right through them.
My mama didn't raise no fool.

Z said...

Joe, you're perfectly BRILLIANT!! xx

I love LIsa's comment, too.
We need to win in November..or I hate to think.............

Shaw Kenawe said...

It is humorous to read how annoyed people get when Obama rightly reminds the American people why we're in such a mess.

Why does it incense people when Obama engages in exactly what Ronald W. Reagan did?

"Carter and Bush, of course, left office under similar circumstances: feeble economy, brutal job approval ratings, sagging national confidence, and so on. And they were both replaced by charismatic leaders, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, whose inaugurations spawned widespread public optimism.

But when the economy worsened in 1981 and 1982, Reagan's popularity wore off -- just as Obama's has deteriorated in the face of strikingly similar unemployment numbers. Which is why, as they confronted grim midterm election outlooks, they both took to invoking their unpopular predecessors on the campaign trail."

"Our critics are saying our economy is on its knees," Reagan said on the '82 campaign trail. "Well, you know something, if the economy is back on its knees, that's quite an improvement because two years ago it was flat on its back."

The GOP convention in Dallas featured a parade of speakers attesting to the general awfulness of Reagan's predecessor ("It wasn't malaise we were suffering from," Jeane Kirkpatrick roared in the clip shown on Hardball, "It was Jimmy Carter") and the tagline of Reagan's famous "Morning America ad" offered a subtle slam of Carter: "Why would we ever want to return to where we were less than four short years ago?"

"We must remind them of the economic catastrophe that we faced on January 20th, 1981: millions out of work, inflation in double digits for two years in a row, interest rates hovering at 21 1/2 percent, productivity and the rate of growth in the gross national product down for the third year in a row, the money supply increasing by 12 percent—and all this due to one overriding cause: Government was too big and had spent too much money."--Pres.RWR, Feb. 26, 1982

Unemployment rose from about 7.5% to 11% during the first two years of Reagan's presidency, while Reagan's approval rating dropped to 35%. And yet Reagan stayed the course. And today conservatives admire him for staying the course.

Of course they will hate Obama for staying the course and doing the same as Reagan did.


Joe said...

SK: First of all, President BO is NOT staying the same course as Reagan did, so the comparison is faulty to begin with.

Secondly, it is time to stop the comparisons and for President BO to take possession of his own presidency.

He needs to stop telling us why we're in the mess and start leading us out of it...which he has utterly failed to do.

He is the rankest of rank amateures.

Joe said...

lisa: It is clear that your mama raised a brilliant woman.

Z: Thanks. You are, too.

lisa said...

Shaw didn't you read the Huffpo last week where Barney Frank admitted they had a big role in the economic downturn.
The deficits Obama is racking up is way over what the wars cost.Plus Bush did pretty good with unemployment and the economy considering we were going into a recession when he took office and then we had 9/11.
Or is that something else the left makes sure they don't dare repeat.

I ave a question what course is Obama taking that will improve the economy and the deficits. Notice how liberals never says what that is?

lisa said...

It is clear that your mama raised a brilliant woman.

aww shucks Joe me thinks you is a very smart guy.
And I love the title too of this post. Very clever.

WomanHonorThyself said...

still suffering from BDS..good post Joe!

Joe said...

SK: By the way, tell me again...what was your answer to my questions?

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Joe said...
SK: By the way, tell me again...what was your answer to my questions?"

I didn't realize this was a test.

But I notice your other commenters/students didn't answer your questions either.

Apparently, lisa, Z, and WHT are your pets, and you're being a big meanie to me.

I'm reporting this to the superintendent.

Leticia said...

He's too much of a narcissist to take the blame for anything. And like any liberal loves to point the finger at someone else.

If he were to fall down a flight of stairs, I am positive the media and BHO would blame Pres. Bush.


Joe said...

SK: I already told the superintendent, and she said that you're the only one who had to answer the questions, 'cause you're the only one who tried to explain her way out of it.

Leticia: If President BO fell down a flight of stairs, the MSM would report progress in shortening the time it takes to get down stairs.

Silverfiddle said...

Good post, Joe.

Keep smokin' that hopium, Shaw!

Dave Miller said...

Joe, of course President Obama is blaming the recession on his predecessor, it is politics.

And it was politics when President Reagan did the same.

And it will be politics when, in the future, another president does the same.

But to imply, as many have done, that President Obama is, the first, or sole practitioner of this is intellectually dishonest.

I think that is what Shaw is trying to say.

Like you, I believe our president must take charge of things, the economy included. And I think the electorate will judge him fairly on his results in getting us out of this mess, or lack there of.

President Reagan was reelected because people saw light at the end of the tunnel. President Obama will only be reelected if people likewise can see some light.

Joe said...

Dave Miller: "But to imply, as many have done, that President Obama is, the first, or sole practitioner of this is intellectually dishonest."

I don't know anybody who has implied this.

A little projection?

Joe said...

Dave Miller: Notice that you don't read a whole lot about President RR on this blog. A little, but not that much.

That is not because I did not like him or do not think he was great...but he is g-o-n-e gone.

So are Jimmy Carter, GHW, Bill Clinton and GW.

They did what they did when they did what they did. But they are not president now.

Barack Obama is president and needs to lead us out of this mess, at least some of which predates even DDE.

Only he does not know how to lead, is sophomoric in his philosophy of government, amateurish in his approach to issues and childish in his reactions to criticism.

So far, at least, he HAS avoided any scandalous social behavior such as followed Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods.

What has Tiger Woods to do with all of this, you may ask.

Nothing. I just wanted to get his name in here for some reason.

Debra's Diary said...

Amen Brother.

Ducky's here said...

If there is an obvious set of actions which would dramatically reduce unemployment, why wouldn't any president implement them?

Of course even the fringe right, as thick as they are, knows there are no such rules and the president's power to influence the economy with fiscal policy is limited and slow.

Now run along and play with Orly Taitz, Joe. We'll let you know when you're ready to eat at the grownups table.

Joe said...

Ducky: It's a good question.

By the way, Orly is not my type.

Dan said...

"Now here is my question: At what point in time will President BO assume responsibility for what happens during HIS administration?"

ahhhhhhh... Never?

Joe said...

Dan: Probably not that soon.