Saturday, August 21, 2010


Country music writers (and their cousins, southern gospel writers) have a way of phrasing things in such a simple, but profound way, that the point cannot be missed by anyone with a brain. I found this at Political Pistachio. Give it a listen.

When, oh when, are the elitist liberals going to wake up and realize that there is a soon coming time when they will not be able to think, let alone enact, their liberalism, for their freedom to do so will be taken from them at the blade of a sword?


ablur said...

It is amazing how simple words so clearly state the truth. No double talk or PC BS.

Mark said...

I remember comedian Ron White's story of the time he got arrested in New York for being "drunk in public".

He said, "At that point, I had the right to remain silent, but I didn't have the ability."

They have the 1st amendment right to build their mosque, but they shouldn't want to...If they are really a religion of peace, as they claim.

Z said...

imagine how much good will they'd get (if they care about good will) if they said "you know, this is going too far, we're moving it; we meant it to help and it isn't..."?
Good song, that's for sure.

Joe said...

ablur: That's what I like about country/gospel music.

Mark: They ARE the religion of peace, just ask Africans, Saudis, Phillipinos, et. al.

Z: They don't want good will...they want our destruction.

WomanHonorThyself said...

exactly right JOE!

Joe said...

To whom it may apply: Those who aren't man or woman enough to control their language, and who seemingly don't know why they should, will have their comments it or not.

I am not the congress, and I CAN make a law on my blog respecting freedom of speech.

lisa said...

the party of "Hell No' touché'

'He said, "At that point, I had the right to remain silent, but I didn't have the ability."
Oh yes Mark I saw that Ron White one too, good analogy.

The left are so quick to call demonize those who oppose this yet
refuse to ask the question to the Imam Rauf "Why there"?
Of course he knows he would be protected by our laws.
Which goes back to the Ron White statement,who will our laws be protecting more?

Leticia said...

Not a fan of country music, but this song nailed it perfectly. Glad I heard it.