Thursday, August 19, 2010


Look, we all know about "freedom of religion" in this country.

"Freedom of religion" is not the issue here.

The fact that "freedom" only applies to non-Christians is not the issue here.

We all know that this is a nation of laws.

The fact that some laws can be overlooked (read: immigration laws) is not the issue here.

We know that Muslims have a right to practice their religion.

We know that there can not be a law keeping them from building a mosque in a properly zoned area.

I preach freedom of religion, obedience to the law all the time.

But just because something CAN be done doesn't mean it SHOULD be done.

The building of a mosque near "ground zero" SHOULD NOT BE DONE.

It would be hurtful, divisive, spiteful, and hateful. It will NEVER promote unity, cooperation and a spirit of peace because of the history of the location.

Are New Yorkers satisfied to have the families of 9/11 victims, other New Yorkers and the rest of the country hurt, divided, spited and hated? Is that really the kind of people we can expect you to be if you're from New York City?

Even now, when I stand in the presence of someone from New York City, I have to ask myself, "is this one of those who supports the insult that would come from the building of a mosque in the neighborhood of 'ground zero?'"

Until I find out otherwise, I find myself assuming that the answer must be, "Yes."

Is that prejudice? So be it.

New York has brought that kind of prejudice on itself and I do not apologize for it...nor do I feel in the least bit guilty for it.

If you are not one to protest the building of this mosque, I will walk away from you and will consider you insensitive, vulgar and unintelligent.

I'm sure you will cry yourself to sleep at night knowing that I will respond that way.

Too bad.

You want a Mosque-esk imitation community center? Build it anywhere you wish EXCEPT near "ground zero," near the Pentagon or in a field in Pennsylvania.

As for the mosque encouraging community, understanding and unity, of this you can be certain: if you build it THEY WILL NOT COME.

Forget common sense, we lost that long ago.

How about some plain old common decency.

Does New York City have one iota left?

ADDENDUM: Hey Nancy! I oppose the mosque at ground zero. Come investigate me! I am a sixty-eight year old with a bum leg and a heart condition. I am very dangerous! Bring it on!


lisa said...

Does this mean she will be investigating Harry Reid and David Patterson too?
Isn't it nice when the so called liberals show their true colors when it comes to the will of the people?
They are nothing but a bunch of halo wearing pitchfork carrying phonies.

Leticia said...

I don't see how any true American would welcome that mosque at ground zero. It would be a constant reminder of the thousands of people who were brutally slaughtered in the name of "Allah."

I do not believe Reid, I think it is just another political ploy for sympathy and winning brownie points with his constituents.

That mosque should not be built at ground zero, not now, not ever!

Joe said...

lisa: Yes. But probably no.

Leticia: You are absolutely correct.

Z said...

DECENCY? Is there even an English definition appropriate for what WE knew as 'decency' all our lives? Not anymore!