Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The following have been stolen from Lone Ranger, at Important Stuff-Or Not and Mark, at Casting Pearls Before Swine, (who I think was influenced by or copied LR) with neither shame nor apology, rather with great thanks.

25 Immutable Truths About Liberals

1. Always expect the worst from a liberal and you will never be surprised.

2. Never try to reason with a liberal. They disregard any evidence that conflicts with their beliefs.

3. You can always tell what liberals are up to by what they accuse conservatives of doing.

4. Liberals don't debate, they argue.

5. The only standards liberals have are double standards.

6. Liberals feel, conservatives think.

7. Whenever you don't understand a liberal's motives, just look for the money.

8. Liberals cannot be embarrassed. They lack the gene to blush.

9. The Liberal creed is, "Do as I say, not as I do."

10. Liberals get older, but they never grow up.

11. There are no honest liberals. If they were honest -- especially to themselves -- they would be conservatives.

12. A liberal's business is nobody's business, but everyone's business is a liberal's business.

13. Liberals have an inflated sense of self-worth. They are like house flies that criticize the air-worthiness of a Stealth fighter. (Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, ad infinitum are morons.)

14. Liberals lack a sixth sense that is standard equipment in conservatives -- common sense.

15. Liberals never stop hating.

16. There are only two types of liberals -- the deceivers and the deceived. The difficulty is telling them apart.

17. Every time liberals get on their high horse, they get bucked off.

18. Liberal programs are so wonderful that they have to be forced on people.

19. Liberals always choke on their own medicine.

20. When given a moral choice, liberals always come down on the wrong side of the fence.

21. The only way liberals can build themselves up is by tearing others down.

22. Liberals not only refuse to learn from their mistakes, they refuse to admit them.

23. Liberals have only two political positions -- blind devotion and blind hatred.

24. Liberals are incapable of attacking the message, so they always attack the messenger.

25. Liberal diversity is only skin deep.

Obama Quiz: Are You A True American?

Barack Obama is the President of the United States, the leader of the free world and arguably, the most famous person on the planet. Given his fame, we should know more about him than we do about Lindsay Lohan or Tiger Woods. So, this short quiz should be a no-brainer. Take 10 points for every correct answer.

1. Name two of Obama's girlfriends, other than Michelle Robinson. (for half credit, name ONE)

2. Considering that Obama claims to have come from a humble background, who paid for his education, including the most expensive private high school in Hawaii?

3. Name a single fellow student, co-worker, roommate or friend from Obama's years at Occidental, Colombia, or Harvard.

4. How did Obama become the editor of Harvard Law Review without publishing a single article?

5. What is Obama's IQ?

6. What courses did Obama take at Colombia University and what were his grades?

7. Why did Obama give up a $50K job in New York and move to Chicago to become a community organizer? (Extra credit: What IS a community organizer?)

8. From birth to the present, has Obama had any health problems, including childhood diseases?

9. Who were some of Obama's clients during his stint as an attorney?

10. What does Obama smell like?

If you scored zero, you are a full-blooded American.

(See, I LOVED that last one, because it will infuriate liberals, who will cry, "RACIST!" because they cannot understand what it is really about...I promise...they CANNOT (that is: they are unable) understand its point. It's not in them. These self-described broad-minded people have extreme tunnel-vision.


Z said...

Who DID pay for that Hawaiian school and Harvard?
Joe, that list is a good one...let's see if we get any answers :-) The media's sure not searching.

Eagle 6 said...

Finally a man with balls!
As if it isn’t enough that they believe the LIE. Joe, I love ya man, but to paraphrase a familiar line, “From whom much is given, much is expected”…another great source of intelligence came from a lesser-known entitiy: my Dad…two quotes: “No matter how seemingly bad it is, all publicity is good publicity” and “Never believe your press clippings”… I guess my point is you are far too thin-skinned about the comments made regarding your comments. You can’t have it both ways…even though the “rest of the story” of JN is that she can’t defend anything, the human interest part is a rather “heavy” attack on her person…and apologizing tongue-in-cheek is great for laughs, as was the entire routine supposed to draw…so there should be no complaints! And, I’m not sure why you are bothered by a journalist taking liberties with the comment, “That is my advice to the audience here when dealing with liberals who hate you…stop being so polite.” An argument could be made that President Obama is a liberal who many people believe despises the military, and if not Pres Obama, who was GEN Petraeus not supposed to be polite to? Boxer, Pelosi, Reed…do any of them possess views different from the President?
And by the way, Shaw Kenawe you are one of the most entertaining liberals I have had ever read..


Joe said...

Z: Look at how well Eagle 6 answered. (What in the world is he/she talking about, anyway?)

I would be interested in any actual answers to the questions.

Eagle 6: What on earth are you talking about? I don't understand a single reference you've made or how your response relates to my post.

Explain in rational, well constructed, syntactically correct English if you will.

Leticia said...

Yay!! I am a full-blooded American! Whoo-hoo!

Btw, #16 was my favorite.

Joe said...

Leticia: That is a good one.

Congratulations on being a full-blooded American!

lisa said...

Love that list. Hard to pick a favorite but I was partial to "A liberal's business is nobody's business, but everyone's business is a liberal's business."
I ill be needing to borrow that list . It was all so telling.
I scored 0 on the Obama test.
I bet the liberals would have to go to "" to find those answeres. You know to make sure they are all the same.

Z said...

i WISH #17 was true!

Joe...I'm glad you said what you did about Eagle 6...I have NO IDEA what any of it means. ??

sue said...

25 Immutable truths about Liberals

'#8 Liberals cannot be embarrassed'

Not true, Joe. As a liberal I am embarrassed that I respect and like a Conservative who writes such bs about Liberals, and Pres. bo.

I become more liberal with each Conserative post I read.

Joe said...

lisa: Notice that none of them have answered the questions, they've just gone on the attack. It is the ONLY thing they know how to do.

Z: Eagle 6 was a bit convoluted, wasn't he/she? I'm not sure where he/she stands or what-all.

sue: Thank you for helping me prove my point.

sue said...

joe - I'm always glad to give you a helping hand

Debbies Best said...

Never in my life have I been as embarrassed, angry and ashamed with the Congress of the United States Obama, Liberal Dems and
Never in my life have I been as embarrassed, angry and ashamed with the Congress of the United States Obama, Liberals Dems and Obama apologists, including my very own flaming liberal Congresswoman, gave the two-faced, ungracious, lying President Calderon of Mexico a standing ovation after making degrading and challenging remarks against the brave people of the State of Arizona for their correct approval of a law to rid themselves of the vermin of illegal aliens from Calderone’s country. No wonder the general mood of our country today is “Throw the Bums Out!”

Liberals should be embarrassed by Obama, what else have they got?
When you've got nothing else, scraping the bottom of the barrel is the logical thing to do.
They been nothing but a bunch of unhappy people who are against the Tea Party shouting that we are racist.
The typical race card game again. And now they are ganging up on Glenn Beck for telling the truth. And calling him a racist!
You idiot liberals need to come up with something new. Did you hear that Shaw Kenawe?
Like it or not, Tea parties aren’t racist. I know several African Americans and people of many other races that go to tea parties. Heck, even the granddaughter of MLK is on the side of the tea parties. Shaw Kenawe and these other racie baiters have no argument and no proof. However, if she wants to see racism she should go down to the protests where they’re hollering about Arizona enforcing the border laws already on the books. She’ll find plenty of flag-burning communists there she can identify with.

Eagle 6 said...

Sorry if I got so carried away that I didn't make myself very clear.
But lets put it this way, I think that the slobbering love affair with Obama is all over. And his Liberal base, the Blacks, the new voters and the pathetic Liberals have all but given up with his socialist agenda. Without them he might not have won the nomination as the candidate for the Democrat Party. Their bias was so obvious that it even became the point of parody on Saturday Night Live.
If you want to make a list of the way he roped them in, it would be as follows.
The way the media gave Obama a pass and packaged him as sexy, vital, and basically a rock star, while McCain was treated as old, out of touch, and even a racist. The difference in treatment each received in "The View" where Obama was given softball after softball and McCain was asked by Whoopie if she had to worry if he was going to make her a slave.
The way MSNBC was completely in the tank with the thrill running up its leg.
How the media set out to destroy Palin including printing rumors without evidence, but failed to ask any questions about Obama's background.
Limbaugh's view of the media treating Obama as "too big to fail".
The protection of Obama from Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers except for Sean Hannity and conservative media outlets.
The way the media set out to destroy "Joe the Plumber" in order to protect Obama.
The acceptance of the lame excuse about Bill Ayers that Obama was "only eight years old" when the bombings occurred and the failure to ask or digging into Obama's time at Harvard.
The dismissal from the Obama for President plane of reporters for newspapers that endorsed McCain.
Charles Schumer and others on The Fairness Doctrine.
The way that some in the press began to notice how little we really know about Obama only after he won the Presidency.

How the Press can fix itself and avoid its slow march to irrelevance and extinction.

There is even more than this, but these are the points that hit home for me.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Z said...
Who DID pay for that Hawaiian school and Harvard?
Joe, that list is a good one...let's see if we get any answers :-)

Um, it doesn't work quite that way, Z-man. If you make an allegation that casts suspicion on how Mr. Obama paid for his education, it is incumbent on YOU not anyone else to back that up, because it is nothing more than a smear unless you or JoJoe produces facts.

Y'know Z-man and Joe, I'm wondering where those rumors I read on the internet about you two men watching kiddie porn came from...

See anyone can play the game, and demand that you and Joe answer that allegation on the rumor that you both like a bit of kiddie porn on the side.

We demand to see evidence that you two don't watch it. Otherwise, I may just put that allegation up on my blog and wait for you two guys to refute it with evidence.

The first one of Joe's juvenile list is about naming one of Obama's girlfriends. Have you ever asked that about any other president? Quick, name a George Bush girlfriend. That first question is more BS, but that's all that you've been reduced to producing.

Number 4 is excruciatingly stupid.

That question reveals that the author knows absolutely NOTHING about what qualifies a Harvard Law student to become the head of the Law Review.

I'm not going to enlighten anyone here on it, since you all seem determined to stay unenlightened.

What does Obama smell like?

Yuk, yuk. What a card you are, Joe.

Debbies Best said...

Obama, in the meantime, is trying to convince voters that he's a regular guy and that going to Harvard was an achievement he *earned*
Obama once again is being less than honest about himself, and his past. He doesn't stack up in life, public service, or general work experience, other than a community organizer.
When you put the clowns in charge, don't be surprised when a circus breaks out!
Omama's party is self-destructing.
They are jumping ship for a reason..
As one of those polite, erudite trolls let me say I find this post of Shaw Kenawe f—-ing weird. It's called denial!

Joe said...

SK: If you had bothered to actually read my whole post, you would know how inane your response is.

"I'm not going to enlighten anyone here on it..."

So, you don't know?

You especially reveal your ignorance with your references to "Z-man."

You have become an irrelevant bore.

Joe said...

DB: President BO has continually demonstrated his lack of experience in matters foreign and domestic. He is an amateur in a professional position. He is a sophomore claiming a PhD. He is a lightweight, wreaking havoc at every turn.

Joe said...

SK: He went to school. He went to an expensive school. He claimed in his book to have come from poverty. It is therefore reasonable to wonder who paid for his schooling.

Your allusion to kiddie-porn is inappropriate and does not address the point.

If you didn't know that already, you are not as smart as you seem to want us to believe.

Shaw Kenawe said...

JOE: "You have become an irrelevant bore."

Well, my dear man, if anyone here knows what an "irrlevant bore" is, it is definitely you.

Calling me names only shows that I've gotten to you in some way. Some nugget of truth has gotten under your skin and so, like most people who won't face it, you stamp your foot and say the equivalent of "POOPYHEAD!"

Between the mud slinging at our American president and you engaging in juvenile name-calling, I'd say you've evidenced how weak your arguments are, and how desperate you have become in your deranged hatred of America's president.

Not long ago the Republicans were screaming at the top of their patriotic lungs that it was TREASONOUS! while America's at war, to do to President Bush what you are now doing to President Obama in every post: undermining him and posting libelous slander every chance you get.

It's going to be a long, painful time until the next presidential election, Joe.


PS. What DOES Joe smell like? Inquiring minds want to know.

tha malcontent said...

Joe, You really nailed it with this blog...

You just have to laugh at the idiots who still think we are going to get the "Hope & Change" they were looking for.
And it's going to be a very long time until we get another corrupted socialist president. I personally can't wait until the 2012 election, and throw out this Socialist, Progressive Fascist, Corrupt & unworthy, incompetent, nincompoop, dimwit that's living in the White House. ..

tha malcontent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joe said...

SK: "Between the mud slinging at our American president..."

Let me ask you: Did you ever sling mud at our American president named Bush? (5, 15 & 21)

What does Joe smell like? Well, that all depends on who he's had to associate with.

Joe said...

tha malcontent: It can't come soon enough.

Lone Ranger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lone Ranger said...

Ms. Sue, every time liberals comment on conservatives, they prove Immutable Truth #24.

By the way, immutable = not capable of, nor susceptible to change.

Ms. Shaw, The POINT of that quiz is that even though the burden of proof is on the person making an allegation (and I made NO allegations) it is impossible to for me or anyone else to prove it, because Obama has sealed all his education records. His past is a blank. What kind of person seals his kindergarten records???

Name a girlfriend of George Bush? Robin Lowman was one. You can find her name all over the Internet with questinos like, "Did George Bush pay for his girlfriend's abortion?" Exactly the kind of smear you are accusing Joe (and by default, me) of making. That takes me to another Immutable Truth about Liberals -- # 17.

As for what Obama smells like, that is a personal curiosity I have. I often wonder what famous people smell like. Are they fresh and clean? What kind of cologne do they use, etc. In Obama's case, I'm wondering if you can smell the acrid odor of tobacco smoke.

Mark said...

I put that list on my side bar with a hat tip to Lone Ranger, Joe. In fact, I put iot on my side bar forst, although it is LR's list. After I did it, he followed suit and told me he thought it was a good idea to place it there.

No shame? Indeed!

Joe said...

LR: As you know, I call him President BO; president out of respect for the office and BO because his policies stink.

You'd be surprised (or not) at how many liberals have accused me of racism because they assume I'm referencing some kind of prejudice about "the way blacks smell."

Quite a bit of projection going on there, I think.

Joe said...

Mark: I'm just glad you both have the list, and I hope many others abscond with it as well.

Lone Ranger said...

The race card is the first refuge of people who have nothing to say. And increasingly, the race card is the only card in the liberal deck.

As I have said before, being called a racist by a liberal is like being called a poopy-head by a three-year-old. The difference is, you can teach a three-year-old to respect others. You can't get a liberal to stop name-calling, because it's all they have.

Liberals get older, but they never grow up.

Mark said...

You know, the "Z-man" is the name of a sandwich created by Oklahoma Joe's BBQ, in Kansas City, Kansas. It is pulled pork and possibly beef brisket piled high with cole slaw. (I don't like cole slaw, so I've never had it, which explains why I'm not sure if it has beef on it or not.)

Oklahoma Joe's is in a gas station, but is rapidly becoming the most popular BBQ restaurant in the Kansas City area, so much so that they had to open another branch further south. It has also been rated one of the "top ten restaurants you have to eat at before you die" by USA Today, and has been featured a few times on TV's food channel.

It is my favorite restaurant, and I live 1100 miles away from it.

Z, whom SK calls Z-man, is a woman. She lost her husband, who she calls "Mr Z" just a few months ago. She is a highly intelligent woman and I respect her immensely. She has an excellent blog, but of course, SK wouldn't like it. Z speaks truth, and Liberals don't usually like the truth.